Monday, July 30, 2012


i saw beirut perform at the orpheum theatre on saturday nite. 
it was the best show to date this year that i've seen. 
bombay bicycle club would take second place. 

i haven't been to the orpheum ever since elementary school
when i saw the symphony perform, so it was like
seeing the venue for the first time. 

it's so beautiful and ornate. 
like an old victorian mansion complete with chandeliers 
and gold guilding and long staircases. 

beirut is more instrumental than singing, so you can 
see by the video that the orpheum was the perfect 
place for them to perform their music. 

not only are they incredible performers, 
but they are such nice people. 
so down to earth and chill. 

thanks so much to mikey for the 
backstage pass and taking me! :)

Saturday, July 28, 2012

my vision

some of my vision and goals for my life. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

this is my time

i feel like everything is falling into place for me. 

last night, the most amazing thing happened. 
i was gifted an ipad at my work meeting. 
i couldn't believe it. i said there must
be a mistake, i don't deserve this.
i got the chills and i just
knew that it was God.

everything i have is from God. 
my incredible job. my fun co-workers.
my friends. my new condo. my kind landlady.
i am soo blessed. all the glory is God's. 

like i said, everything is falling into place. 
and it has nothing to do with what i did or have done.

remain thankful. 
and don't forget where 
everything comes from.

i do power to this song every tuesday at 12:15 meghan currie's class.
the song is incredible in the moment. meghan's classes are always uplifting.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

the summer is getting older

...and with it getting older, it's making me pay more attention
to the present moment. living in the now.

and one exciting moment that i'm living to the fullest
is moving into my condo downtown!
jah man. it's happening.

it happened so quick. 
mel, ruby and i are moving in
together next week. 

we have similar tastes in style
and the following are some major inspirations 
of mine to revamp our new place.

the yellow room i absolutely adore. 
(it's currently my desktop background.)
i will be mirroring similar style in my new room. 
my old room is orange and tropical. 
i want my new space to be yellow
and exotic and boho-indian. 

one thing i'm SOO sad about is the 
fact that i don't have a balcony. you know
i was raving all about having one a few posts ago. 
but sometimes you gotta sacrifice one thing for a few 
good things................................ like

1) amazing view of gastown, crab park, 
the water, science world.
2) pool and patio.
3) 15 minutes from work.
4) 5 minutes from gastown.
5) coolest flatmates ever. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

i luv my city

SERIOUSLY, i luv my city.

vancouver is amazing. 
i have a newer and brighter appreciation
of this city and i'm so happy living here
in this present moment. 

it may be because it's summer
and i'm at the beach, or i'm skimboarding
or i'm in shorts and tanks or at music fests
or running around stanley park or hiking
or watching the open air movies or
doing pop up yoga or i have 
the best job ever...

or maybe because it's just vancouver. 
where else would i be doing all 
these super fun things?!

ps- i found my new apartment! soo frickin stoked. 
perfect location downtown. perfect flatmates. 
perfect view. perfect everything. 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012


my top 3 things on my to do list tomorrow:

1) choose to make everything new. RIGHT NOW.
2) soak up the beach and sun.
3) look for apartments.

sounds like a good list to me. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

catch me

there's something sexy about showing your back.

instead of showing off your cleavage or butt or thighs,
why not try your back?

this summer i'm all about an open back whether
it's a backless dress or tank.

it's finally SUMMER here!
and i actually have a tan.

i've been wearing as many shorts and dresses 
and sandals as i can before the weather goes awry again. 

vancity is unpredictable. really. 
this is incredible having 2 weeks of warmth 
and sunshine. soak it up! i guarantee you this 
weekend it will go back to rain and clouds. 

ps- tomorrow is my day off. so many fun things on my to do list. 
and it's the tour de gastown. can't wait to watch it!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012

so sad and so happy

"Or the sweet melancholy of acceptance you feel when you
find out that the one you love is happy with someone else."

i wish you could feel it like i do.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

SF happened part II

day 2:

SFMOMA. amazing art gallery.
diego rivera and frida kahlo, 
my favourite mexican artists. 
i wanna do my wall like all those 
lil pictures put together. 

rooftop bar cafe at SFMOMA. 
so pretty. i could have passed the day there.

embarcadero along the waterfront. 

bar crudo for oysters in the haight. 

full house's house. the yellow one. 

el farolito's la taqueria for the biggest
burrito i've ever seen in my life. 
weighed like 5 pounds.
i ate it all. that's right.