Saturday, March 31, 2012

there's a woman at my window

faded out colours. pastels. sorbets. 
earth. dust. wind. sun. 
i luv how wilfred's collection
came together. 

ph: wilfred spring 2012

see part of wilfred's collection.

i luv watching visuals heaps better!


ps- i'm soo freakin tired. worked this morning, then went for 10 km run
with ejun around stanley park. finished it in 56 min. yeh yah man!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

high tea time

it's about high time it's tea time!

ever since sydney's high tea times
on the weekends, i've been wanting
to set up a high tea for friends. 

so this weekend stef and i are
gonna have a high tea 
and drink and eat
and be merry.

i've always wanted to host an outdoor picnic
or garden party. i luv the second and last pics
of a set up picnic table. 

wouldn't it be fun to spend a whole day there
relaxing, chilling, eating and conversing?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

home alone

who remembers home alone 1 and 2?
that was probs one of the funniest kid films
i grew up watching countless times.

well derek lam took inspiration and a similar
vibe from home alone with the clothes.
it was about coolness and casualness
(if those are actual words).

cozy sweaters, t-shirt dresses, furry fur, 
plaid prints, vintage-inspired pieces.

basically a fun day to chill out 
in your favourite clothes.

ph: 10 crosby derek lam fall 2012

and now for some crazy funny antics
(at 2:11 is the best)
remember i love you?
(at 1:25).

talking about home alone really makes me wanna watch
both of them again. i think i'm gonna break out a home alone 
marathon if anyone wants to come with?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

...because God is there. 
what a beautiful thing. 

today was a lovely sunday. 
sundays are my fave day of the week. 
i met up with a friend who found what he 
was seeking. and i'm so happy for him. 
beautiful blessings abound from God. 

Saturday, March 24, 2012

hockey teeth

i just need to take care of myself. 
and sleep, sleep, sleeeeeeepppppp...

it's spring na!
so many things to look forward to 
and be happy and blessed. 

just getting out of this rut. 
it's taking awhile...

ps- thanks marie for sharing with me bahamas. 
now i really wanna see him tuesday nite.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

thinking about you

what i like rite now

jeans on jeans.

neon lips.

candles espesh ones from diptyque.

guys in casual chinos, even better if they're rolled up.

bleached or tie-dyed scarves.

bright or white costume diamond necklaces.

flat whites. nuff said.

men's skinny pants with brogues.


mary-kate and ashley's smooth black look.

ps- had the best sleep since the past week. night before was 5 hrs. 
last nite was a good ole 9.5 hrs. i slept innnnnnn...

Monday, March 19, 2012

a good book

soak it up. delve in. 
the rarest moments when i have time
to myself is when i'm reading. 
to be in a different world
for a short while.

currently i'm reading 
"in rough country" by: joyce carol oates
and "the rum diary" by: hunter s. thompson.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

waffle time

good morning lovelies!

i got up this morning to get a
waffle brunch ready for laura and tim.

i luv brunch. my fave meal of the day. 
and so i whipped up some waffles and sausages
and brewed some kahlua coffee. YUM!

it was soo good to catch up with them
since they've been busy with their wedding
due in august. busy times!

she's one of my closest friends so i'm 
honoured to be part of it somehow.
we conjured up some awesome ideas
for the reception. can't wait to get started!

i got this book "nomad" by: sibella court 
from anthropologie. 
it's an interior styling book. 
and i adore it. 

we got some fun ideas from it. 
laura and i luv anthropologie.
(and you should too.)