Wednesday, February 29, 2012

there's got to be more to this life than just that.
(i know there is.)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

how can you swallow so much sleep?

i wanna go for a night time walk. 
i mean not just walking from the car to some place.
i wanna go for an actual good long stroll. 
i'll just bundle up and make sure i'm warm.

i hope thursday's weather is good cuz then maybe i'll
stroll around stanley park and then maybe 
visit denman or robson or davies.

i have heaps of ideas. 
marie might be reading this, so 
i won't give all my ideas away.

i like surprises too. :)

did you know that magic
happens at dusk?

can i wake you up. 
can i wake you up. 

is it late enough. 
is it late enough. 

there's a story in which my eyes shut. 

could you bag me up. 
could you bag me up. 

ps- doesn't the top pic look like gastown? sigh. i luv it.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

disco baby

rachel zoe's collection was hinting at the 70's. 
of course, 70's is her biggest influence in style.
and this season was no exception. 

i'm really into her alluding to the 
mick jagger and marianne faithfull look.
(late 60's.)

the casual drape of a fur coat on the shoulders
and fitted pantsuits are grabbing me. something about
a finely tailored pantsuit makes me think of refinement.

and as always, all white is ALWAYS 
chic, pure and refined.

when in doubt wear white.

my baby's momma

well, i mean, i'm an auntie to my best friend's baby...
(super excited to be an auntie 3 times na!)

and she hadn't been out for "2 years," 
so i took stef and sanders out to gastown.

i showed them my hood at diamond
and then sauntered on over next door to 
salt tasting room in blood alley.

yep, stef had a blast last nite. 
i'm glad. she needed it.

we ended the nite off at red room. 
(it was stef's choice. salsa all the way for her!)
and boy was that crazy. i forgot about that place.
sorry no pics for you from there. ;)

Saturday, February 25, 2012




and last nite was heaps of fun. 

coupla pics to follow...

Thursday, February 23, 2012

arm party

arm party:
as copyrighted by 

to wear heaps and heaps of jewelry 
on the arms to display its prettiness.

as most of you know i can't get enough
of jewelry and accessories!!!

i always have to wear my 2 rings
from my great grandma and grandma, 
my bracelets and man's tortoise watch from ASOS, 
and my coral amulet from bali. or else...

(will post my jewelry collection next time.)

ph: stylelikeu

ph: stylelikeu

love. love. love.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

more more more

yes please.

anonymously chic

well not quite anonymous anymore...

mary-kate and ashley olsen's new younger line:
are you surprised? i'm not. 

especially after adoring their older and more
expensive line THE ROW to follow below.

they've always been so fashionably adept
in style and labels. they know how to be trendy 
and classy at different times and places.

ph: elizabeth and james fall 2012

i find this line would be so much easier
for me to wear than THE ROW.

the first 2 looks are downtown chic, 
whereas the last 2 looks are tailored chic.

the first look is so do-able.
a long white shirt paired underneath
a trench coat wrapped in a blazer or vest.


ph: the row fall 2012

i'm actually saying 'mmmmm' like i'm savouring 
a good bowl of soup. i know. but really.

but how perfect is this collection?
i luv neutrals, not only for fall, but
for anytime of year. 

the way the fabric drapes and caresses the body.

Monday, February 20, 2012

tonite i'm going to see bombay bicycle club!
discovered them from reyne and mariko
in aussie land. australia has a lot of
great singers, including gotye
and the jezebels.

church hoedown

we churchgoers know how to party and have fun too.

cupcakes. dance floor. bear flag wine.
fire whipping. uni friends.
5 birthdays.

heaps of cupcakes.

yes, that's fire whipping.

4 guys. one stocked pantry. nice.

i didn't even see his shirt that nite.

he really was the best student president.

that's what happens at the cambie clubhouse.