Tuesday, January 31, 2012

el noche de mi hermana

it was the little one's burfday last sat nite.
(well actually her birthday is today.
sat nite was the partay.)

we did our rounds in gastown.
took her round my hood. ;)

ventured to
diamond for colin's lawns
 calabash for reggae and jamaicans
and fortune for boogying.

we ended our late nite at kim penh xe lua.
the best late nite pho on cambie.
(me and tiff always go there, cuz she lives next door.)

happy birthday tatalie. xoxo.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Friday, January 27, 2012

when life gives you lemons

writing this not only cuz i post faves
like once a week, but cuz
i saw a super scary movie tonite
and i wanna post things that
make me happy.

(it wasn't even a horror movie.)

on a happier note:
it was sunny today!

and there is heaps of snow on the mountain!

ph: versace fall 2011

ph: lulu frost spring 2012

ph: aurelie bidermann spring 2012

ph: elle france nov. 2011

ph: 3.1 phillip lim

ph: harper's bazaar UK jan. 2012

i think the mystery word of the post
is yellow and gold. ;)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


melrose is one of my fave places to visit.
not only cuz they have my fave store, wasteland,
but also cuz they have the fairfax market and
the randomest vintage stores and good eats
and lotsa graffiti art which brings to my
mind sydney and melbourne.

the raddest artsy house gate ever.

cesca (galatea) is a talented photo snapper,
with how many holgas does she own? heaps.
check out her blog at the links above.

she's lucky enough to live in LA and go
to melrose whenever she wants.
nooo fairrrrrrrr...


man, i care soooo much.
why do i dwell on these things?

i just can't let things go.
let it be. forget it.

and i hate myself soooo much.
i'm so upset at myself
for feeling this way.

i guess i just want people to be
accountable for their actions.
to mean what they say and
actually DO IT.


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

long rainy arvos

"long rainy afternoons when an hour isn't just an hour
but a little piece of eternity dropped into your
hands and who knows what to do with it?"
-tennessee williams

even though i don't like the rain,
i kinda like it. ya know?!

today is one of those days...

Monday, January 23, 2012


i adore aztec prints,
even more, ANYTHING
that is spanish or mexican.
(see my room.)

i dunno what it is.
i just feel at home being surrounded
by their food and culture and colours.

maybe cuz i grew up being around it
and cuz filipinos have an influence from
that background too. 

i speak spanish too.
someday i wanna spend a year somewhere
where i can practice my spanish and become
more fluent and be enraptured by the culture.
i crave that. me lo quiero.

Sunday, January 22, 2012


one of the nites we went out to the W hotel
to join in a dimmak production.
that was da bomb.

bkk reunion! wut wut!

in zac's mini. it is mini.

sir michael jeffrey.

cool venue.
last time i was there i was on
the bottom floor listening to live jazz.

this time we went up high.
don't know what floor.
can't remember some parts
before going up.

but after going up i do rememba...
i think i have a slight liking to house now.
only slight, cuz i am dedicated to hip hop
and house is, i dunno, too bouncy...