Sunday, August 12, 2012


i'm OBSESSED with kimonos right now.
i dunno if it's cuz it looks ethnic or exotic 
or the way it dresses up an ordinary look.

it's one of my newest additives to my wardrobe. 
i have 4 so far. and want more and moreee. don't judge. 

it's just fun and flowy and freeing. 
i luv adding a spark of interest to an outfit. 
(especially if it's a silk kimono.)

on my want list:
-duvet cover from maiwa on granville island
-antique furniture
-ipad case

ps- seawheeze was cray yesterday and the bachelorette was a hoot.
soo soo tired. will explain more later...

pps- HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLATTIE MEL! cheers to the best flatmate eva.

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