Saturday, July 21, 2012

the summer is getting older

...and with it getting older, it's making me pay more attention
to the present moment. living in the now.

and one exciting moment that i'm living to the fullest
is moving into my condo downtown!
jah man. it's happening.

it happened so quick. 
mel, ruby and i are moving in
together next week. 

we have similar tastes in style
and the following are some major inspirations 
of mine to revamp our new place.

the yellow room i absolutely adore. 
(it's currently my desktop background.)
i will be mirroring similar style in my new room. 
my old room is orange and tropical. 
i want my new space to be yellow
and exotic and boho-indian. 

one thing i'm SOO sad about is the 
fact that i don't have a balcony. you know
i was raving all about having one a few posts ago. 
but sometimes you gotta sacrifice one thing for a few 
good things................................ like

1) amazing view of gastown, crab park, 
the water, science world.
2) pool and patio.
3) 15 minutes from work.
4) 5 minutes from gastown.
5) coolest flatmates ever. 

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