Monday, July 30, 2012


i saw beirut perform at the orpheum theatre on saturday nite. 
it was the best show to date this year that i've seen. 
bombay bicycle club would take second place. 

i haven't been to the orpheum ever since elementary school
when i saw the symphony perform, so it was like
seeing the venue for the first time. 

it's so beautiful and ornate. 
like an old victorian mansion complete with chandeliers 
and gold guilding and long staircases. 

beirut is more instrumental than singing, so you can 
see by the video that the orpheum was the perfect 
place for them to perform their music. 

not only are they incredible performers, 
but they are such nice people. 
so down to earth and chill. 

thanks so much to mikey for the 
backstage pass and taking me! :)

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