Wednesday, June 13, 2012

wake me up in san francisco

i'm going to the golden gate bridge city this weekend.

i always used to roadtrip down through
california as a child, but never as an adult.
so i'll be looking at SF with new eyes.

i'm going to see hannah from my sydney trip
in SF. haven't seen her since november.
will be soo much fun to see her again.
miss her mucho!

i'll be staying in the mission district,
an eclectic area probably similar
to gastown or commercial drive
in vancouver.

all i wanna do is eat, drink, and shop
and walk to every possible area
that i can within the 3 days.

top things to do: 

2. mission and the haight shopping
3. go to telegraph hill for view and parrots
4. view the golden gate bridge
5. weekend markets

i know it's last minute, but if any of y'all
know some sweetas things to do in SF, 
please holler at me! gracias.
cya next week. 

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  1. hey lovely! I stayed with my friend in the mission last year. ate burritos and tacos every day - my dream. xoxo lizard


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