Saturday, May 5, 2012

take you there

what i'm totally feeling in fashion rite now:

the pics are mixed feelings, but i like wearing 
mixed, eclectic, unorganized outfits. 
surprising people. 
surprising myself.

i don't have a certain "style."
i feel my "style" is undefined. 

but if i HAD to try to define it, it would
be something like this:

eclectic, bohemian, sporty, beachy, 
70's, asian, urban nomad. 

red colours and asian influence accents.

mixed floral prints.

silk blouses with toques.

long flowy palazzo pants.

70's patterns and swiftly tech tops.

sporty mesh tops.

all white with dark lipstick.

what do you reckon?
how would you define my style?

i dunno. 
i'm perfectly fine with being undefined.
i think i'll keep it this way.

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