Monday, May 21, 2012

moses and the aquarium

it is my nephew, moses', 3rd birthday soon, 
so i wanted to surprise him, chloe and stef
with a spontaneous "vancouver adventure."

last week i took them to the aquarium for his
birthday pressie. i didn't tell them ahead of time
where we were going until i got in the car. 
(stef was freaked out!)

it was more fun pumping ourselves up
about all the animals we would see.

and thus it unfolded...

momo is so stylish. he picked out his neck scarf and hat. 

and stylish momma.

my fave pic. the lights and jellyfish look magical.

coco's adorable animated face.

at the end of the day, they hung out on my lap for a bit
outside next to the dolphins.

it was such a funnnnn day!!!

i'm so glad i could be part of their
excitement and joy and wonderment. 

it's so amazing going to the aquarium with kids
cuz they make you see things with new eyes, 
through another perspective. 

and sometimes all you need is a new 
perspective to be amazed once again.

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