Saturday, May 19, 2012

momma's high tea

last sunday i took mom to the secret garden high tea 
company for mother's day. 

it was our first high tea together and that was fun!

in sydney i went to a lot of high teas on the weekends. 
it's a great time to relax, eat and drink the day away.

mom ordered secret garden tea. 
i ordered lavender earl grey tea. 

and as you can see, the treats looked lovely
 and yum on the three tiered plates. 

my favourite was the key lime cheesecake 
and the scones with strawberry jam and creme fraiche.

i will defs be goin back again
to have some more high tea! 

i luv u momma! xoxo


  1. this is super sweet!! your momma is lovely x

  2. Beauty runs in the family. :-)


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