Thursday, May 3, 2012

attention to detail

i luv attention to detail. 

i like raw. i like unorganized. 
i like chipped. i like used. 
i like worn. i like old. 

i like vintage. 
i like colours.
 i like patterns. 

i can't wait til i move out. 
then i'll go mad crazy on interior decorating
my new place. and make it all comfy cozy. 
and it HAS to have a balcony don't forget!

it's been a super busy week!
can't believe tomorrow is friday na!
i luv my job though. merchandising is fun. 
i'm so blessed to finally be starting up my career.

as long as i'm getting in some yoga, running, 
spinning and soon to be swimming, 
i'll stay sane and healthy and happy.

and of course God. 
i can't forget my time with God. 
most important of all. 

tiff and rie, i thought you'd like this post. 
since you're both into these styles. 

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