Wednesday, May 16, 2012

5 minute photo shoot

yep it's true. 
it was 5 min. 
and with tiff's instagram. 

not only can she shoot with big cameras, 
but also with small iphone ones. ;)

last friday nite we went on a cocktail hopping jaunt
around gastown, our fave hood. 

first hit up POURHOUSE with a bigas apple tart for 2.
then clough bar, had an apiary. 
sauntered on down to DIAMOND.
ended at houseguest.

somehow she fit in a 5 min. shoot in between 
houseguest and home. she's sneaky...

it was a good chill time. 
fun to check out the joints 
and compare them to others
and figure out our fave drinks.

diamond's still my fave spot.

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  1. awesome post xx looks like a well made fashion editorial x


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