Saturday, April 21, 2012

post race blues

you know that feeling after running a race and it's done?
or after a musical or play you were part of is finished?
and after dedicating almost your whole life to
being part of the event and it's all done, 
you know that feeling you get?

withdrawal, sadness, 
happiness, and nostalgia
all mixed in together.

that's how i felt. 

vancouver sun run 10 km 2012:
goal time: 55 min. 
actual time: 56:13. 

soo closeeeeeee! 13 seconds away. 

it was so amazing. it always is. 
espesh when you consider running with 60,000 
people from around the world. 

it was my 4th time running the 10 km race. 
it's always so hard but so much fun in the end. 
and to remember: when i hit the cambie bridge to 
sprint the rest of the way to BC place. and i did. 

next year's goal:

VAN sun run 10 km
goal time: 52 min.

BMO half marathon. 
goal time: 2 hours. 

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