Friday, March 2, 2012

yo quiero un balcony

lately, i've been craving to move out 
and get my own space. 

and one thing that i have to have
is a balcony. i don't care how big or small it is. 
just something that can fit a table and a chair
so i can take my morning coffee and read a book there.

i wanna have a balcony party or do a bbq on my balcony. 
anything really. ANYTHING.

i'm all over the last pic, cuz if you can
recognize where this pic was taken and
you know that this place is where
i wanna visit someday, you would
know that this is venice. 

oh, the things i could do with a balcony. 
hang lights. start a mini garden. collect plants. 
hang some bamboo blinds. do yoga.
put out some wooden furniture.
plop pillows and throws down.
light some candles...

sigh...just a small dream is all.

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