Tuesday, March 27, 2012

home alone

who remembers home alone 1 and 2?
that was probs one of the funniest kid films
i grew up watching countless times.

well derek lam took inspiration and a similar
vibe from home alone with the clothes.
it was about coolness and casualness
(if those are actual words).

cozy sweaters, t-shirt dresses, furry fur, 
plaid prints, vintage-inspired pieces.

basically a fun day to chill out 
in your favourite clothes.

ph: 10 crosby derek lam fall 2012

and now for some crazy funny antics
(at 2:11 is the best)
remember i love you?
(at 1:25).

talking about home alone really makes me wanna watch
both of them again. i think i'm gonna break out a home alone 
marathon if anyone wants to come with?

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