Sunday, March 4, 2012

flutter and fly

that's what i felt like doing when i saw
dries van noten's collection. 

it was beautiful and womanly and whimsical. 

van noten played up on the chinese, japanese and 
korean iconography. i adore oriental details. 
i have started to collect chinese silk jackets
and kimonos. i own 2 jackets and 4 kimonos.

the asian icons were printed onto silk, crepe
and matelasse. he made something that would look
otherwise costumey into something that was wearable.

ph; dries van noten fall 2012

it's defs a dreamy and serene collection to behold. 
look at the vibrant turquoise and sky blue! gasp!
totally in my top 5 fave collections for fall. 

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