Thursday, March 1, 2012

camping in the woods

... that is, GLAMOROUS camping in the woods. 

michael kors always seems to play it on the safe side
on designing his collections. but then again, 
the "safe side" is his signature staple. 

he sticks to his usual style and then just
adds glamour with some fur or lace
or sequins. and it works!

i thought it was fun to add
glamour to some outdoor camping. 
not that i'm actually gonna dress like this
when camping. but i'll defs get some tartan patterns
and striped blanket ponchos and play with them. 

ph: michael kors fall 2012

honestly, i reckon why i like michael kors
is cuz he knows how to do glamour and you 
can piece so many easy outfits together.

to me, he's one of the most conservative
and classy designers in the biz and that's why
it's easy to wear his clothes. cuz they look good. 

did you notice the 7th pic of the red lacy cutout dress?
wouldn't fergie have looked heaps better if she wore that at the
 grammy awards instead of the jean paul gaultier see through dress? 
(oh man, there always has to be a shock factor.)

for the guys, this collection was so wearable. 
the 3rd pic is so easy and classy. i adore that grey coat. 
you'll defs stay warm under that. and that mud brown cable 
knit sweater? looks soo good. add some black 
shades and you're slick to go. 

i'm obsessing over red more and more...

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