Wednesday, February 22, 2012

anonymously chic

well not quite anonymous anymore...

mary-kate and ashley olsen's new younger line:
are you surprised? i'm not. 

especially after adoring their older and more
expensive line THE ROW to follow below.

they've always been so fashionably adept
in style and labels. they know how to be trendy 
and classy at different times and places.

ph: elizabeth and james fall 2012

i find this line would be so much easier
for me to wear than THE ROW.

the first 2 looks are downtown chic, 
whereas the last 2 looks are tailored chic.

the first look is so do-able.
a long white shirt paired underneath
a trench coat wrapped in a blazer or vest.


ph: the row fall 2012

i'm actually saying 'mmmmm' like i'm savouring 
a good bowl of soup. i know. but really.

but how perfect is this collection?
i luv neutrals, not only for fall, but
for anytime of year. 

the way the fabric drapes and caresses the body.

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