Saturday, July 30, 2011

red hair part II

ok here y'all go.
all of you can feast your eyes
on my new hair colour.

i la-la-looovvvve it!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

i'm a redhead now.
and i luv it.

i wish i was real bright red,
but then i would look so fake.

so i'm having fun with this colour
instead. pics to come soon...

ps- my laptop still doesn't work. it's driving me crazy!
i wanna post pics and look at my stuff and everything!
now don't you wish you got your skyping time with me? :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

technology woes

just so you peeps know:

my laptop won't let me post comments on
anyone's blog. i don't know why...
(so sorry guys. talk to me still.)


my cord attached to my laptop all of a
sudden decided to conk out and not
work, so now it won't even turn on...

boo hoo!

the sadness and the dependency we have
on the internet and our computers.
sooooo sad...


Saturday, July 23, 2011

make it rain

the past week has been a crazy torrential downpour in sydney.
it's like the rainy season in bangkok. except it won't stop raining...
(yah, you thai people know what i mean.)

today my flatmate told me that this week alone set the
record for the most rain in a short amount of time
in 50 years! 50 years!

i reckon it was cuz of me. when i moved to this city.

cuz i make it rain baby!

the best rain song ever.

(what is your favourite rain song?)

Friday, July 22, 2011

spanish rose

the spanish rose shoot.

photographer: brad mawby
makeup artist: bec garozzo
model: aileen
stylist: me

an excerpt from our theme:

"Carmen, the Spanish rose, has settled down in her courtyard for a relaxing sunshiny morning. She has some time to reflect and daydream away the serene morning hours. After hours of romanticized bliss, she decides to go out,
start her day and fulfill those dreams."

this is one of my fave shoots i've styled to date.
it was all my concept, from the styling, makeup
to the location. shot in my courtyard. :)
i luv coming up with concepts.

it was all about the red.
i used to hate red, but now i luv it.
i'm gonna start wearing red more often.

great team involved. thanks y'all!

hope y'all peeps enjoy it!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

i dedicate myself

ps- i really am crazy. doncha know.


by guerlain

-smoky wood.


"Derby is an oddity, the only case of a Guerlain masterpiece gone unnoticed. Guerlain's gush and guff would have us believe that every one of Jean-Paul Guerlain's best fragrances is a paean to the eternel feminin. The truth is he's always been rather better at composing things for his own use, exhibits being Vetiver and Habit Rouge. Derby sits halfway between the confident swagger of HR and the dry restraint of Vetiver, on what might be described as the center of gravity of male fragrance. In structure, it is woody-balsamic with a touch of smoke. In radiance, it is like a kirlian photograph of a healthy leaf, projecting a deep green aura no farther than an inch, but surprisingly intense and durable up close. One of the 10 best masculines of all time."

-"perfumes, the guide" by: luca turin and tania sanchez

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

give me more

sleek and simple.
red, black and white.

i would say that this is calvin klein's
best collection yet. ok, well one of them.

look at it!
the tailoring, the luscious fabric,
the fluid movement of the outfits...
it's just pure genius.

and what's more is that francisco costa
hit the mark with gaining a large target market.

personally, i think that the 20 year olds would
wear this all the way up to the 60 year olds.

i would wear this collection and so would my mom.
all you do is change the outfit with a jacket, jewelry,
heels and accessories to suit your own style.

calvin klein collection spring 2011

i'm SUPER excited to wear outfits similar
to these looks this summer.

my faves: look #1, 3 and 7.

i wanna wear all white.
it's such a luxury to me.
so pure and clean.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

lazyas day

i was excited for today.
just because i had a full day off.
and luke and i planned to stay in all
day and watch the hills and harry potter.

he has a bunny named "big bunny."
it doesn't even have a proper name! haha...
he lives outside on the balcony and has lotsa room.
big bunny reminds me of floppy, my bunny i had.

since luke is going to UBC this semester, i decided to
introduce him to some canadian things, like poutine!
so we made poutine: chips, cheese and gravy.
so simple and so epic and so yummy!
note: it's not ketchup, it's tomato sauce.

so yah, we watched 2 episodes of the hills,
the second to last harry potter movie, so
i could catch myself up on what was
happening, and then we went to the
cinema to watch the last and final
harry potter movie in 3D!

and when we got out, it was pouring!
but we still walked the 30 min. walk home
and got soaked and talked heaps bout vancity
and made fun of ourselves stepping in puddles
and getting splashed by cars. ughhh...

it was such a good day. i was happy.

Monday, July 18, 2011

what i like rite now

gold brocade.

sideswept wet hair.

headpiece and losta jewelry.

eveleigh farmers market.

huge chocolate meringue.

rock necklaces.

rock rings.

boho and rocker looks.

oversized bellbottom silk pants.

fancy pattern nylons.

perfectly circular sunglasses.

oyster magazine and wide brimmed hats.

ps- just got home after a late nite. that was fun. haven't gone out in awhile...

Sunday, July 17, 2011

me and you and the stars

i've always been in fascination with the stars.

clear night skies, bright stars, the constellations,
the big dipper, the little dipper, orion's belt,
cassiopeia, the north star...

(i only know where those 4 constellations are.
i wanna buy a constellation book so i can find more.)

i luv those nights when i come home late at night
and it's a clear sky and i can see the stars perfectly
and i just stand there in my driveway and stare
and all i can say is thank you God.

do you remember?

i only associate my love for the stars
with a few select friends.
you know who you are...

the stars and nature are very sacred and
special to me, so i've only shared those moments
with the people who mattered the most to me.

thank you for those moments.