Tuesday, May 31, 2011

love of my life

"you are my friend... i can depend.
you be boy and i'll be girl."

sweet surprises

after getting 2 sweet surprises, life can't get better than this.
(well of course it can, but i'm happy.) :)

1. a chocolate cheesecake muffin. yah rite?! i never knew there was such a thing. but there is. and i'm in luv. (enjoyed it while studying my secret stylist book and read candide by voltaire. it's cesca's fave book, so i had to see what i'm missing out on.)

2. a brown and green beaded twist necklace. from diane. she lives in and makes her jewelry in bangkok. (i got it in the mail today. immediately wore it. and went to the salon and got a nice comment from a lady.) buy her jewelry here. she sells and ships her jewelry anywhere in the world.

Monday, May 30, 2011

just another day

ph: kym ellery

ph: hans feurer for vogue china april 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011


ps- man, i'm not really superstitious. but lately, i've been seeing a lot of 11:29 or 11/29, my birthday, and that's weird! everytime i see those times or dates, i make a little wish. (look at the date that this video was uploaded).

what did i cook today?

these are gonna be frequently recurring posts.
with a lot of time on my hands i like to experiment and cook.
so i'll post pics of what i just cooked to share with you.

when i was at home in vancouver,
i cooked and baked every now and then.
you got to learn sooner or later...

my specialties?

-banana bread.
-brown sugared yams.
-butternut squash coconut soup (MY BEST).

this is cayenne rubbed chicken with avocado salsa.

-cayenne pepper
-sea salt and ground peppes
-chicken breast/drumsticks
-red onion
-lime juice

sweet and simple.
those are the only recipes i'll do.
food should be simple to make.
simple and satisfying.

do it

desire the undesirable.

think the unthinkable.

love the unlovable.

touch the untouchable.

move the unmovable.

"you suddenly complete me."

Saturday, May 28, 2011

the lady is a vamp

it's about time i start posting editorials
from one of my most favourite photographers.
(and i know him too. i'm very lucky.)

i had the privilege of meeting seth karecha
when i went to visit new york in the winter of 2008.

AND i had the honour of working with him too.
(i still can't believe that he gave me a chance
to work with him. but it was meant to happen.)

AND we also went to a basketball game at
madison square gardens. that was a sight to see!
(MSG is so huge!)

he's such a talented, versatile person.
you should hear all the other things he can do.
i admire his work so much. i mean just look:
the pictures will speak for themselves.

ph: hong kong tatler mag may 2011 by contarsy+karecha

this shoot was with his photographer partner,
under their name contarsy + karecha.

you can see more of their work here:

i'm sure you've seen the shoot i did with seth before.
but i'll blog it again in another post.
it's really amazing. really.

Friday, May 27, 2011

why are you afraid?

"It was (and still is) awkward for me to say that publicly, so deep does my fear of what people might think of that run. It's so okay to say you have an Indian guru, or you dig the Buddha. But such travesties have been carried out in the name of Christ, the most loving and peaceful man who ever lived, that saying you love him can seem like you're saying you are an extreme right-wing war-mongering conservative. I think Christ was the original lefty myself, and his views on war are well known, but the point is that he was, I realized, intrinsic to who I was.

It was not the church as an institution, certainly not Catholicism (though i began to enjoy the rituals and mysticism of mass for the first time in my life, especially the music at the cathedrals), it was not religion that moved me, but my relationship with Jesus, and, through him, God. The deeply spiritual subtexts of all those paintings, by Caraveggio, Raphael, Titian and Michelangelo, that I saw for real in Italy, and the opportunity they offered to feel Christ in my own wordless interpretation of them rather than be told about him in a linear, dogmatic way, it was this that I responded to."

-me, myself and lord byron by: julietta jameson.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

i love my baby

yep yep, i luv my baby.

this is my baby sis' blogosphere:

follow her na!

my fam is in haw why eeeeeeeeeeee without me.
so i've taken to dedicatingly stalk her blog everyday
to see what they are up to over there.

today they saw the infamous royal hawaiian hotel.
i read an article about it in travel leisure mag
and was allured by it. i so wish i could see it up close!

ph: my sistas


ps- why is it so funny that i spat so hard? cuz i think it is.

can can

Cannes' best red carpet moments
that also happen to be "nude"
for that moment.

there's something captivating about nude.
maybe because it strips you down
to nothing but your face and your body.
or maybe because it's soft and light reflecting...

oh, and also because you're in no other place
but Cannes, you can wear nude anything
and you'll still look great. :)

kirsten dunst kills it in this number.
how gorgeous is it? my absolute favorito.
almost perfect enough to be a wedding dress,
minus the sheer lace below.

ph: chanel haute couture

ph: naomi campbell in givenchy

ph: karolina kurkova in chanel haute couture

ph: courtney love in givenchy (she actually looks pretty good!)

ph: salma hayek in gucci premiere (new collection)

ph: diane kruger in calvin klein collection
(she is one of the few who styles her ownself. i adore her styling options.)

ph: anna dello russo in moschino

ph: mia wasikowska in valentino haute couture

do you see what i mean?
you can look so effortless
and chic in just nude.

add a pop of red lipstick
or some gold bangles and rings
or a crimson crocodile clutch
or (for the more dangerous, like me)
a bright neon aqua clutch.

time to go shopping for something nude to wear this summer...

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the sweetest thing

the tomboy in me

i've always admired margiela's
"step completely out of the box"
designs. they are very original.

margiela's influence has always been
that sporty, masculine meets feminine side.
the long and strong look. he created the eccentricity and
deconstruction in clothing that most designers search after.

however i don't like to post things that are unwearable.
i mean what's it to you or me, rite? so i took the pieces that 
inspired me the most and are wearable and shared them with you.

also a note:
i posted pieces first to make up an outfit
and then added the runway look to complete it
and then repeated it 2 more times.

ph: maison martin margiela spring 2011

to me, nothing's complete without perfume
(most of you who know me).

to get a bigger idea of the margiela brand,
check out their new perfume ad.

ps- i've finally recovered from food poisoning. phew!

don't you see

"don't you see, that i'll never forget
when you told me that no matter what
happens to me or you, no matter
what happens to our lives, no matter
who i date or who you date,
you will always love me?

and i understand it too,
because i will always love you too."

Monday, May 23, 2011

i am

very very ill.
i don't feel well at all.
all i can do is lay in bed
and listen to worship music.

ps- please please pray for me.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

i am

...sick. i think i have food poisoning.
i don't even know what i ate last nite
that could have triggered it!

all i had was a salad, some cheese and bread,
a piece of custard, a schooner of beer, and some chocolate!

i don't know how i managed to drag myself
out of bed, then go to church, then go to paddington
and walk around and then eat and then go home for an hour
and nap and then go help a friend carry a case of wine home
by pushing it on a roller chair through the city late at nite!

but anyway, i don't know how i got sick.
hopefully i'll feel better tomorrow!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

what i like rite now

i wanna live in this house, along the ocean.

i want a kitchen with bright chairs and a colourful rug beneath it.

i'm gonna dye my hair a similar deep dark red.

leo in 1995 by david lachapelle.

beige/neutral suits are so in for the summer season.

stripes, stripes, stripes! always and forever!

a couch hammock with fuzzy pillows and some wine.

this is how you ride a rainbow! ;)

a guitar toilet seat. this one's for seth.

semi-precious rock/gem necklaces are da bomb!

ps- thank God it's sunday tomorrow!