Monday, February 28, 2011

peace, be at peace

peace, be at peace, O thou my heaviness,
thou calledst for the evening, lo! 'tis here,
the City wears a sombre atmosphere
that brings repose to some, to some distress.
now while the heedless throng make haste to press
where pleasure drives them, ruthless charioteer,
to pluck the fruits of sick remorse and fear,
come thou with me, and leave their fretfulness.

see how they hang from heaven's high balconies,
the old lost years in worn clothes garmented,
and see Regret with faintly smiling mouth;
and while the dying sun sinks in the skies,
hear how, far off, Night walks with velvet tread,
and her long robe trails all about the south.

-"Sois Sage O Ma Douleur" by: Lord Alfred Douglas.

ph: vogue italy feb. 2002

Sunday, February 27, 2011

the future language of slaves

ps- i just saw "blue valentine." one of my fave movies to date. so raw and believable and sad.

Friday, February 25, 2011

haiku for you

you are so lovely.
my hands hold your hands in mine.
you have the softest.

i want you to know
that i want your feelings now.
to be raw and real.

to embrace yourself.
your alluring, comely self.
learn forgiveness well.

i am so tired.
but i lay awake thinking
and dreaming of you.

ph: karolina kurkova for vogue paris may 2004. 

hipster dipster

i feel hippy today.
time for some hipster stuffsss...

i dedicate this to my doll,
kirsten, cuz she is one.

this is her style.
short styled hair,
jean vest, slouch top,
skinny jeans, bright eyes
and her MAC neon pink lipstick.

hipster dipster
hipster dipster by nikbelonio

1) stella mccartney perfume,
cuz it's kirsten's signature scent.
2) sparkly gold nail polish and a
3) gold/silver studded bag
add the final touches.

you know how when your mood changes,
your style seems to change too?
i'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt. 

what's your style/mood this weekend?

big sigh

big sigh of relief...
it's the weekend again!

kick back, relax, catch up on things...
read, pray, chat...
and phantogram:

ps- thanks justin for introducing me to this new band. i luv em.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ayden and eric

so it was eric's birthday friday nite.
happy "25th" eric! haha...

we all went to ayden gallery
at tinseltown for an event.

they were selling toms shoes.
and for a fee the artists who show
their work at the gallery would draw
or paint on the buyers' toms shoes. 

double the good feelings there:
every toms shoes bought,
another pair of shoes is donated
to a child in need.
AND you get to have fancy art
painted all over your shoes.

the talented artists at work.
my favourite idea. shoes hanging from telephone pole wires.
eric NEEDED this art. like really NEEDED it. but he overbid the set price.
hey! how does he know the filipino pose?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

cities girl

i decided that since i like styling so much,
i should start putting my own looks together
and posting them to share with you.

here's the first:
cities girl. 

cities girl
cities girl by nikbelonio

my favourite things:
1) the man watch. it reminds me of chanel. i luv their big watches.
2) the buckled boots. it looks like jeffrey campbells. i like silver hardware.
3) the wishbone earrings. i have a wishbone charm necklace. who has one? it's rare.

ps- thanks stef for suggesting i do this!

70's shoot

so the shoot was so successful today!
and SO MUCH fun!

photographer: kim akrigg
makeup artist: shawnna downing
wardrobe stylist: me
model: amanda

we shot downtown at shangri-la hotel.
outside of the glass and buildings.
our whole concept just worked
with the location.

we did a 70's style shoot.
with a bit of 60's thrown in.
kinda mod, kinda boho.
but springy and fresh.

espesh the makeup.
shawnna did a fantastic job.
fuschia lips and bright blue eyes.

kudos to amanda who freakin worked it
in SPRING clothing.
despite the snow and bitter conditions. :)

ph: a sneak peek into our shoot. my fave dress.

ps- why is blogger acting up?
does anyone know why i can't post more than one pic per session?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

end of the weekend

the ridiculous blog is acting up.
it won't let me post pictures.
so i'll hafta settle with a
quick music post.

finished off the week.
i made it! i made it!
and i feel good.
things are positive.

i just gotta keep
on focusing on australia.

some smooth music
for you to sit back and relax to:

ps- i'm styling a shoot tomorrow. yay! great people, great ideas. post pics soon.
pps- COTTON RAZORBLADE. miss talking to you. say hi sometime.

Friday, February 18, 2011

camilla and marc

oh, Camilla and Marc!
you give me heart palpitations
when i view your collections.

nose rings, tanned skin, turban bands,
pink eyeshadow and flushed skin.
these are the things that bring me delight.
oh, to have been part of that show,
i would give anything!

i was trying to figure out why
pic #5 looked so familiar.
i realized that i've posted that pic
before, somewhere on an inspiration post.
and lo and behold, i see it again!
(it was meant to be.)

if i could work for any designer
in australia, this would be it.
crossing fingers, here's to hoping
i work for them or some designer
similar to their aesthetics.

ph: camilla and marc cruise 2010

Thursday, February 17, 2011

never and always on my mind

ps- why am i like this you ask? i don't know. maybe it's cuz i'm loyal. or i care too much.

one piece, two piece?

so phillip lim caused quite an uproar
at his show, cuz of his crazy
abstract silhouettes.

was it a one piece or
a two piece
or a three piece?
(i seem to like it.) prides him on
not straying away from his signature look:
clean sportswear and a neutral palette.

he's always so clever to me.
whether it's a backless top
or vest to go over a shirt
or uses sheer organza
or lace or nude tulle.

i luv the POP
of sky blue colour.
it gives it that springy,
i'm-coming-out feeling.

ph: 3.1 phillip lim spring 2011

brian andreas again

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

fresh face

ph: bambi

ph: kasia struss

ph: lara stone

ph: daria werbowy

ph: kate moss

ph: alexa chung

ph: liu wen

wouldn't it be nice to just step
out of bed and go au naturel?
and look this good?

oh models and their nice beautiful skin...