Tuesday, October 25, 2011

when will i learn that this is who i need to be with?
i'm so easily used, persuaded and convinced.


  1. Hey!

    Sorry I haven't had a chance to call yet. The flooding in Thailand is really really bad this year and I've been pretty stressed out dealing with that. If we're still dry in Bangkok this weekend, I'll call for sure. Promise =)

    Miss you!

  2. I had to tweet this, I almost feel like having it tattooed to get the word out there! Hah! xxx

  3. @ nucha: hope you're alright nuch! i heard about the flooding in bkk! :( praying for you guys! i sent you a text. talk soon.

    @t-honey: i know rite?! you and your tats! i saw lotsa hello kitty in melbourne and thought of you. you're a cutie! oh! and guess the name of this cool artist that i discovered who i reckon you'll like? RUPERT BUNNY! haha...


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