Tuesday, October 11, 2011

go for a ride

me, chris and emmanuelle went for a 
ride in his super cool yellow jeep.

listening to blues and rock,
we decided to go to the north shore
and see where our route would take us. 

we ended up in balmoral beach. 
pretty small beach. nice sand. nice scenery. 
then we went to manly beach and chilled
and relaxed there. 

i wish you could see the pics and watch the videos
i took. they're fun. espesh the vid where me and chris
are lying on the beach and manu can't find us, 
so she sits down on the beach by herself
about 30 metres away. and then chris
calls her and asks her where she is
while we stare at her and laugh.

also, i wish you could hear when we were
making fun of manu's french accent. she kept on 
saying how nice the "bitch" (beach) is. i was like what?
yah let's go lie on that "bitch." look at all the seagulls 
circling that "bitch." there's a lot of waves crashing 
on the "bitch." haha... oh dear. we are silly.

next monday we are gonna drive on up to the farthest point
of the north shore, to palm beach. i hear it's amazing there!
can't wait for some more road trip times! :)

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