Tuesday, July 19, 2011

lazyas day

i was excited for today.
just because i had a full day off.
and luke and i planned to stay in all
day and watch the hills and harry potter.

he has a bunny named "big bunny."
it doesn't even have a proper name! haha...
he lives outside on the balcony and has lotsa room.
big bunny reminds me of floppy, my bunny i had.

since luke is going to UBC this semester, i decided to
introduce him to some canadian things, like poutine!
so we made poutine: chips, cheese and gravy.
so simple and so epic and so yummy!
note: it's not ketchup, it's tomato sauce.

so yah, we watched 2 episodes of the hills,
the second to last harry potter movie, so
i could catch myself up on what was
happening, and then we went to the
cinema to watch the last and final
harry potter movie in 3D!

and when we got out, it was pouring!
but we still walked the 30 min. walk home
and got soaked and talked heaps bout vancity
and made fun of ourselves stepping in puddles
and getting splashed by cars. ughhh...

it was such a good day. i was happy.

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