Monday, June 13, 2011

something for the boys

ph: gap spring 2011
chino shorts with blazers.

ph: gap spring 2011
roll up the hems with loafers.

super dressy shoes with raybans.

ph: ryan reynolds
collared shirt with a cardigan.

ph: kanye west
jeans with velvet loafers.

ph: tommy hilfiger and GH bass and co. penny loafers

ph: gucci 1921 snaffles loafers

ph: ryan gosling
a thick knitted fisherman's sweater! LUV it.

did you figure out the theme?
it was kinda about the penny loafer.
very fashionable, yet a classic.

wear them with a suit or rolled up hems
and it works either way, espesh with no socks.

they look so cool, i kinda wanna get a pair for myself.

ps- this guy is amazing! how DO i find them? i dunno. i'm just lucky.

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