Tuesday, June 14, 2011


by bulgari.

-hot rubber.

"Some of the best fragrances in history are built on precarious equilibria between 2 contrasting ingredients: the vanilla vetiver accord of Habanita, the citrus amber of Shalimar. This widens their emotional keyboard, and when the job is properly poised, allows them to smell different from moment to moment and from mood to mood, as if they always had something new and apt to say. In other words, they smell interesting, as opposed to merely beautiful. Black is buzzing with brains...Black sets out boldly into space on 3 axes: a big, solid, sweet amber note; a muted fifties Je Reviens floral note...and finally a bitter-powdery, fresh rubber accord such as one encounters in specialist shops or while repairing a bicycle tire puncture. At different times, Black will strike you variously as a battle hymn for Amazons, emerald green plush fit for Napoleon's box at the Opera, or just plain sweet and smiling. It also has the combination of great bones and good skin characteristic of old-fashioned perfumery, while being entirely novel and modern. Some things strive to be classic; others simply are."

-"perfumes, the guide" by: luca turin and tania sanchez

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