Thursday, June 9, 2011

beyond paradise

"beyond paradise"
by estee lauder.

-symphonic floral

"Composing a floral one molecule at a time is a formidable combinatorial task, made possible only because over time the problem, like a really hard theorem, has been split into lemmas tackled by different perfumers. To compose a personage from disparate inherited virtues: the rosy, grassy freshness of lily of the valley, the rasp of lily proper, the mushroom note of gardenia, the lemon of magnolia, the banana of ylang ylang, the deep woody velvet of violets, the boozy sweetness of rose, the soapy edge of cyclamen, etc. Calice Becker's Beyond Paradise...hits to perfection the dappled, fresh light of early morning shining on the sort of impossible garden that Swedenborg would have seen in visions and described in details."

-"perfumes the guide" by: luca turin and tania sanchez

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