Saturday, May 28, 2011

the lady is a vamp

it's about time i start posting editorials
from one of my most favourite photographers.
(and i know him too. i'm very lucky.)

i had the privilege of meeting seth karecha
when i went to visit new york in the winter of 2008.

AND i had the honour of working with him too.
(i still can't believe that he gave me a chance
to work with him. but it was meant to happen.)

AND we also went to a basketball game at
madison square gardens. that was a sight to see!
(MSG is so huge!)

he's such a talented, versatile person.
you should hear all the other things he can do.
i admire his work so much. i mean just look:
the pictures will speak for themselves.

ph: hong kong tatler mag may 2011 by contarsy+karecha

this shoot was with his photographer partner,
under their name contarsy + karecha.

you can see more of their work here:

i'm sure you've seen the shoot i did with seth before.
but i'll blog it again in another post.
it's really amazing. really.

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