Wednesday, May 18, 2011

coastal walk

last wednesday i decided to go do
the coastal walk before it got too cold.

it was a nippy 17 degrees and very windy!

the coastal walk is a walkway created that
goes from bondi beach to coogee beach.

the walk is 6km and takes about 2 hours
to complete. (it took me 1.5 hours).

it was really nice to enjoy
the scenery and the moment
and the wind and take a breath
of some fresh air along the coast.

i started in bondi beach.

aren't these flats fabulous? wish i lived in one of those!

lots of rock formations. sedimentary rock to be exact. :)

see that tip at the very far back? i had to get over there.

some kids kicking back and relaxing and playing the guitar. luv it.

these swimming pools are so common here. it looks cold, but the sun heats it up a bit.

the raddest architecture of a house i've seen yet. cesca would like this.

the waverley cemetery. a final resting place with a view.

a cute little cove. must be a dream during the summer!

another swimming pool along the water.

i know it's a lotta pics, but i wanted to share
the beauty and the scenery with y'all.
to experience a little bit of what i experienced.

through the massive amount of photos
i was also kinda alluding to the
length of the walk.
(get it?)

i'm gonna try and do the walk one last time,
before it gets way too cold.
yes, it's winter. sigh...

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  1. It's so beautiful. Looks like pretty nice weather. I can't believe it was that cold!



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