Thursday, May 26, 2011

can can

Cannes' best red carpet moments
that also happen to be "nude"
for that moment.

there's something captivating about nude.
maybe because it strips you down
to nothing but your face and your body.
or maybe because it's soft and light reflecting...

oh, and also because you're in no other place
but Cannes, you can wear nude anything
and you'll still look great. :)

kirsten dunst kills it in this number.
how gorgeous is it? my absolute favorito.
almost perfect enough to be a wedding dress,
minus the sheer lace below.

ph: chanel haute couture

ph: naomi campbell in givenchy

ph: karolina kurkova in chanel haute couture

ph: courtney love in givenchy (she actually looks pretty good!)

ph: salma hayek in gucci premiere (new collection)

ph: diane kruger in calvin klein collection
(she is one of the few who styles her ownself. i adore her styling options.)

ph: anna dello russo in moschino

ph: mia wasikowska in valentino haute couture

do you see what i mean?
you can look so effortless
and chic in just nude.

add a pop of red lipstick
or some gold bangles and rings
or a crimson crocodile clutch
or (for the more dangerous, like me)
a bright neon aqua clutch.

time to go shopping for something nude to wear this summer...

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