Wednesday, March 23, 2011

hard but soft

lately, i've been really
digging this look.

it's tough but feminine.
the leather shorts
paired with a floral kimono.

i know it's spring, but it's still cold!
a way to show a bit of your spring side
and still stay warm is to wear your
shorts with stockings or tights.
then pair it with a woolly sweater
and you're good to go...

Dorothy Perkins kimono cardigan
30 GBP -

Sheer socks
$10 -

ChloƩ leather drawstring handbag
$1,175 -

Club Manhattan feather jewelry
20 EUR - essie Nail Color, lapiz of luxury: Beauty
$7.75 -

ps- i'm totally digging the platform heels (perfect with shorts or skirts) and that leather handbag (perfect for stuffing my book in).

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