Tuesday, January 18, 2011

once and for all

"she asks him the question that has followed her here, that remains with her still.
    'do you think it's possible to know another person? in the end, when everything is put to rest,
             is it really possible?
                               'by know, what do you mean?'
                                      'to understand.'
       'understand, yes. but to know another person.' he pauses. 'think of knowing like beauty.
   the lines that we see are clear, we can trace them, study them in minute detail.
                but the depth that emerges is still mysterious. how to explain why it reverberates in our minds?
              when we know another person, i think it is just as mysterious.
                knowing another is a kind of belief, an act of faith."

ph: petit tailleur

                 "he says, 'i always thought we would go back, eventually.'
                          it was true. they had put it off time and again, saving the journey for a future date.
                        'it was me. i hesitated for too long.'
                              he shakes his head, as if to say, No us.
                'i woke up one day,' she says, 'and realized the moment had passed, i no longer needed to return.'

                  "he said, 'i would have given up australia. i would not have abandoned you.'
                          'yes,' she said. 'and so i was the one to leave.'
            around her, the park seemed to fade out of focus, the shapes, indistinct, weaving together.
                                       'last month, when your letter arrived...'
           'i needed to make sure. i needed to know, once and for all."

-certainty by: madeleine thien.

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