Sunday, November 28, 2010

the question?

she absentmindedly swatted at the flies.

"are you mad at me?"

nope. but i wish you called me.

she dragged the bucket into the well
and then drew in some water.

"are you ok?"

yep. she was. but she was disappointed.
she just wanted him to care.
she wished he cared more.

it was a matter of getting over the matter.
he didn't understand.
did he care?
did he have the time to care?

"don't take things too seriously."

ok, so he left to russia on a business trip,
while she was stuck in cairo on her family's farm.
he was gone for 3 months.

no response from him. ok, maybe twice. that's it.
he's not serious. so why should you be?

she needed to go tend to the camels.
her family needed her.
he had his duties.
and she had hers.

life goes on...

Saturday, November 27, 2010

a girl of singular beauty

ph: natalia vodianova for paulo roversi

(not really)


got back from work. a late one... it's 12:22AM. SATURDAY! my birthday dinner. (my actual bday is nov. 29, just so you know) :))) gonna be the big 25. i don't care about my age anymore. i look young, that's all that matters. haha...

what should i post? hmmmmm....

ok, where would i go and what would i do if i could choose to do anything for my birthday?

well, here's an idea: yachting.
where? st. tropez perhaps.
how many? well depending on size. if small, 30 people. if big, then 100. (but i don't know that many people. haha...)
what would we eat? lots of dessert, including cheesecake and nanaimo bars.
what would we drink? whatever you want. but for me: mojitos and pina coladas.

Look at St. Tropez. it's gorgeous, no?!
what a nice birthday vacation. ;)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

let it snow!




who wants to go tobagganing, and ice skating, and
snowboarding, and make snow men and snow angels,
and drink hot cocoa, and listen to christmas music?

i do! i do!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

terre promise

"even now the fragrant darkness of her hair
had brushed my cheek; and once, in passing by,
her hand upon my hand lay tranquilly:
what things unspoken trembled in the air!"

"always i know, how little severs me
from mine heart's country, that is yet so far;
and must i lean and long across a bar,
that half a word would shatter utterly?"

ph: loewe fall 2010

"ah might it be, that just by touch of hand,
or speaking silence, shall the barrier fall;
and she shall pass, with no vain words at all,
but droop into mine arms, and understand!"

-ernest dowson.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


i wish i could do a shoot like the one bambi did with
stylestalker for desert fox.

i'm gaga over the jewelry.

ps- listening to christmas music na! have you started yet?

Monday, November 22, 2010

you're the one

what a song. to have that special someone sing that to me someday...

Sunday, November 21, 2010

before the tide comes

and it has come now and gone. in waves. feel it. let it go. wait it out. it will come back. you just have to wait...

beauty. realness. genuine.
be good to the people you love.
and they will be good back to you.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

last night

you missed out. it was some good times. kirsten and me. foundation resto. diamond bar. fortune and then shine club. DJ nina was spinning. luv her. she's old skool. and her music. and then driving home in the snow.

jah man it's snow! finally!
it's gonna be an epic snowboard season! :)))

Thursday, November 18, 2010

strange desire

i've got a 
for these photos.

ph: adriana lima for vogue spain 2010

ph: morning beauty

ph: numero magazine

ph: french revue de modes

ph: naag magazine

ph: paulo reversi

ph: harpers bazaar nov. 2010

ph: marie claire italia nov. 2010

ph: before the tide comes exclusive

ps- kirsten from bkk is visiting me this weekend!
we bringin the partay from bkk to vancity!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

inspire me...

...says seth. and so i conceded. i'm very flattered cuz this friend of mine, fashion photographer from NY, asked me for some inspiration pics. someone who makes beautiful pictures asked for my opinion. that's nice. :)))

so i sent him a few pics last night that i chose from various campaigns and magazines. i'm not gonna share everything, cuz then i would share all the possible secrets or future results that may arise from these inspirations! haha... so here are a few...

i luv adorning headpieces.

water and bodysuits and sparkle.

this pic reminds me of a photoshoot i did in cali.
see? weird eh? i like the tall cornstalks and weeds.

the anti high heel. crazy!

ok! that's all na! no more sharing.
some have to be secret.
more inspirations will come though.
don't worry.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

something for the boys

paul smith.
he always knows how to add humour
and realness in his shows.

the models all look like that's
what they wear everyday.
very realistic.

i especially love how mr. smith
picks the coolest most interesting
gentlemen to walk in his shows.

i mean look at them!

paul smith fall 2010

my favourite guy is the first one.
with his wild red hair.

he looks like an artist about
to go to an art gallery
to sell his paintings.

my favourite outfit is the fifth guy
with his beard
and his hightop boots.
sporty/dressy put together.

there's something very sexy
about a guy who dresses well
and knows how to pair it together.

those boots are to die for!!!