Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

so i came up with the ingenius idea to be frida kahlo,
the famous mexican painter, for halloween.
i really really like her and her art.

if you remember, i blogged about her in a previous post.
once you see the unibrow and her infamous paintings,
you'll be like "OH YAH, HER!"

inspiration pics.

the outfit.

the hair.

the silver jewelry.

tiff lurking in the background.

rick casually opening up his trenchcoat.

when i saw these pics, i thought freaky! i kinda do look like her!

tiff and rick: the flashers.

even jacques dressed up in masking tape.

i met my peeps from 'El Dia de los Muertos.'

shopaholic and her dog.

garth from wayne's world.

chilean coal miner.

dude from 'The Hangover.'

don't worry i'm not that angry.
i was quite happy.
here's a lil smile for ya.

i wish i went out one more time tonite,
just so i could be frida again.

so many people recognized me
and called me by frida!
i was surprised!

some people took my picture
and even kissed my hand.


Saturday, October 30, 2010


abbey lee kershaw for alexander wang.
shot by craig mcdean.


the images and video evoke the elements
of wind, home, movement and stillness.

shot in an abandoned new york city building.

ps- please ignore one part in the video. you'll know what i mean.
i just really like the feeling and clothes and the xx.

Friday, October 29, 2010

victoria day

koko and i went to visit victoria, vancouver island for the day.
i hadn't been for at least 8 years.
a very pretty, quaint town.
so much to see.
so much to explore.

the start of the journey on the doubledecker bus.

dog chillin in the driver's seat.

craigduroch castle.

jumpy jumpy!

habit coffee shop.
the inside of a building called The Atrium.

doodles and wine etiquette.

sometimes you need a shot of caffeine.

bard and banker. a scottish pub we ate at.

the legislative parliament building.

the empress hotel.


do you remember?


we used to be good friends. talk a lot. hang out a lot.
then we stopped. it was my fault.
a few months later we started to talk again.
then a special event came up. i wanted you to know i remembered.
but you were always so busy. made no time for me.
i get it. it was my fault from the start.
still i wish you wouldn't brush me off.
i know i'm not important anymore.
but i'm just saying...

what to do?
let it go.
breathe in and out.
be patient.
decide what's next...

-a look shared by 2 people with each wishing that the other will initiate something that both desire but which neither one wants to start.

ps- do you remember me?

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hug me, furry bear

time for warm, furry hugs!
feeling luxuriant in cozy coats,
sasquatch suits, and boots 
during winter.

i might look like an eskimo,
but i'd rather that
than be a frozen icicle.

chai mai?!

ph: burberry prorsum fall 2010

ph: michael kors fall 2010

ph: chanel fall 2010