Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the end of august

the end of august. the summer is so quick na!
well i got to do some of the things i wanted to do.
still on my list: walk around stanley park, paddle boarding,
grouse grind, bumbershoot, among a few others...

anything you suggest i should do or try?
i'm spontaneous. sure, why not?

ph: kathryn ireland

ph: erlinda eri

ph: vanessa jackman

ph: robin jonsson

ph: tiffany may

ph: david bellemere

ps- my best friend just moved to china. ok, fine. well she's gone for 6 weeks.
feels like a long time! we had her going away bbq last nite.
an asian/english fusion. quite interesting to see what was made.
pics soon...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

surge art fest

pardon, my previous post. just sometimes you gotta be expressive, ya know? yes, i know. i'm emo sometimes. sometimes you just gotta let it all out...

anyway, the SURGE ART FESTIVAL! yes, i finally got to go before it ended aug. 28. sorry guys. i shoulda posted this earlier. it's too late for you to go na. but there's always next year... it was held at the storyeum in gastown.

so the art fest was quite big. big as in the space was huge! in one room an artist set up speakers hanging from the ceilings and out of the speakers there was loud noise and music and sounded chaotic. the set up was titled chaos and disorder, i think.

then there were videos set up in another room. and graffiti art lining one wall. i luved it. and my favourite: an old man holding a lit up ball of a video of many things, while handing it to a young boy.

all you artsy fartsy peeps woulda luved this! i luv art fests. i can defs appreciate the time and talent that goes into making a piece!

unutterable disappointment

don't know what happened. why you are in your own world and i am in mine. don't know why you are like this. why there is no response.

you paid for maya. you paid for dream. we had a good time.

we used to talk for hours on end. it used to be almost everyday. i would always look forward to it. always something new. not anymore.

2 years gone. down the drain. don't know what happened. i half wish that this is all a misunderstanding and that you will tell me that everything is ok. we were friends.

i don't understand why it has to be this way. no response. nothing. does it have to do with pride? embarassment? anger? disappointment? boredness?

i wish there was something i could do to make it better. something i could say? but i guess i can't. sad. upset. hurt feelings. just make it better.


 you opened up ideas and possibilities to me i didn't think existed. you had so much knowledge that i quickly soaked up. i wanted to know more. you were so eloquent in your speech and thoughts. i admired that.

you had so much experience in life, in travels, in work, espesh in languages. gosh, how i wish i spoke 5+ languages. i luv learning and speaking languages too. i can speak a little thai.

you knew so much about books and writers. finally someone who could appreciate how much i loved reading. i couldn't believe someone knew more about books than i did! thank you for suggesting w. somerset maugham. he is now one of my favourites.

you were so talented in the art world. i think that's what i admired the most about you. graffiti, fixtures, paintings... you almost did it all. i loved hearing about your next show, how it went, the people you met, what happened.

you introduced me to so many singers and bands. i never knew there were so many underground artists i didn't know about. but i guess i'm not really the expert in that field. thank you for sharing the xx, the antlers, phoenix, hud mo, hearts revolution, girls, beach house (my fave now). you were so kind. i am so grateful to have had a friend like you.

it's too bad it has to end like this. i wish it would be some other way. but maybe i'm being selfish? maybe someday...


Saturday, August 28, 2010

jessica szohr

jessica may be familiar looking cuz she's from gossip girl. are there any gossip girl fans out there? i'm not. haha...i was an OC fan. sigh...too bad it's all done now. anyway, she's the cover girl for NYLON mag out in sept. i like her style. well, actually i should say i like the stylist's style. haha... it suits her well.

ph: NYLON magazine sept issue

ps- vampire weekend at malkin bowl last nite was supa fun!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

we are young folks

If i told you things i did before. told you how i used to be. would you go along with someone like me.

if you knew my story word for word. had all of my history. would you go along with someone like me.

i did before and had my share. it didn't lead nowhere. i would go along with someone like you.

it doesn't matter what you did. who you were hanging with. we could stick around and see this night through.

and we don't care about the young folks. talkin' 'bout the young style.
and we don't care about the old folks. talkin' 'bout the old style too.
and we don't care about their own faults. talkin' 'bout our own style.
all we care 'bout is talking. talking only me and you.

-peter, bjorn and john.


ps- man, what a fun nite tuesday was. i felt young again...
i mean i AM young, but ya know. stayin out til 5am...
it was quite the night if you catch my drift.