Wednesday, March 31, 2010

back to back

The whole world is sleeping. I still lie awake up in my bed. As I came round to thinking. That I don't want nobody else.

I want to be with you. And it kills me to say. That I want to be with you. That is just the way, it's just the way now.

Sleeping with my back to yours. Back to back, back to back whats to. Sleeping with my back to yours. Don't walk away don't walk away.

When the whole world is thinking. That I must be depressed. The point that they're missing. Is that I don't want nobody else.

I want to be with you. And it kills me to say. That I want to be with you. That is just the way, it's just the way now.

Sleeping with my back to yours. Back to back, back-to-back whats to. Sleeping with my back to yours. Don't walk away, don't walk away.

Back to back, back to back. Back to back, and back to back. Back to back, back to back.

I struggle. Sleeping with my back to yours. Back to back and back to back its.

Sleeping with my back to yours. Don't walk away, don't.

-Wolf Gang.
the acoustic version is always more beautiful, so real, so raw...

*sometimes i luv emo songs. which is becoming a lot more frequent. these songwriters commiserate with their words and sing it like it comes from their gut. that's pure brilliance.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

bohemian rhapsody

this is just a photoshoot i did with LIZ DUNGATE. she's a makeup artist. and i've been trying for a year to get the chance to work with her. finally last week we came together at the last minute. and it was just me and her. she did the MAKEUP, HAIR, STYLING, AND PHOTOGRAPHY! now that's a talented woman. the wrap skirt was from her grandpa who she thinks got it from scandinavia. how eclectic.


ps- i'm really thinking hard about my modeling career. there have been some setbacks that have been hard on me and made me reconsider what i'm doing. i know it's not forever. but i also have to think rationally. it's heartbreaking cuz i luv what i do and believe i can find the market where i'll do really well. but anyway, please keep me in your prayers. i would appreciate that. thanks.

Monday, March 29, 2010

tide running

"The same likes in music, even. First time Peter dug up his old Eddy Grant and Fela Kuti tapes it sprung the gladness into my heart again. And art and films and books. Even furniture, fabrics and clothes. Same sand we walking on.

The difference in our backgrounds- he just post-war England, me post-hippy Caribbean, he looking like a stylish brusque businessman at first glance, me like some Unicef Third World child- the differences and sameness made us walk softly on that sand. We played with it. Scooped big handfuls, covered our legs, buried each other, rubbed it in our hair.

Grew bold together, like children. Knowing it could wash away. Could wash away from right under you."

"And even after I gave birth to our child, made of both our blood and watched him grow in his own way, that only made time seem shorter, years fly faster and Oliver daily proof that you can't hold a living thing back, or mould it, no matter how much you love.

And our living thing is love. Can't rule it and tame it, separate it and chain it. A living thing by itself."

Tide Running
By: Oonya Kempadoo
(pg. 85)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

palm sunday

I see the king of glory

Coming on the clouds with fire

The whole earth shakes

The whole earth shakes
I see his love and mercy

Washing over all our sin

The people sing

The people sing



Hosanna in the highest

I see a generation

Rising up to take their place

With selfless faith

With selfless faith
I see a near revival

Stirring as we pray and seek

We're on our knees

We're on our knees

Heal my heart and make it clean

Open up my eyes to the things unseen

Show me how to love like you have loved me

Break my heart from what breaks yours

Everything I am for your kingdoms cause

As I go from nothing to


Hosanna in the highest

it's palm sunday today. the beautiful procession. it's easter week.


Saturday, March 27, 2010


the mulleavy sisters are genius. they know how to turn plain white into extravagant white. and the tassles! the woven fabrics! the looping, the details, the shoulders... they got their inspiration for this collection from their mexican background. they said when they went on a trip to mexico, the culture and practices influenced them.


the last 2 dresses, my possible wedding dresses? ;)

ps- i watched my sister, tash's musical captured on video. this girl can act.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

great pacific garbage patch

i was following the "2 or 3 things i know" blog today and i came across her post on the "plastiki" sailing team. this team is going to do an 11,000 mile journey from san francisco to sydney. their point of the journey is to capture the great pacific garbage patch and other ecological sites to bring us to attention of what we are doing to our planet. 


i didn't know what the great pacific garbage patch is so i wikipedia-ed it. it is also described as the pacific trash vortex. does that ring a bell? oh yah... it's a heap of marine litter located in the central north pacific ocean. THE PATCH has a lot of plastics, chemical sludge and other debris that have gotten stuck in the currents of the north pacific gyre.

the team has a diver and national geographic filmmaker on board. this is perfect, because they are going to have to go under the sea to capture this patch. why? because the patch consists of very small pieces, mostly invisible to the naked eye. and most of the debris are held underneath the surface of the ocean.

watch this. what an adventure to follow!



The morning wind began to moan, But still the night went on: Through its giant loom the web of gloom Crept till each thread was spun; And, as we prayed, we grew afraid Of the Justice of the Sun.

We had no other thing to do, Save to wait for the sign to come: So, like things of stone in a valley lone, Quiet we sat and dumb: But each man's heart beat thick and quick, Like a madman on a drum!

And all the woe that moved him so That he gave that bitter cry, And the wild regrets, and the bloody sweats, None knew so well as I: For he who lives more lives than one More deaths than one must die.

Ah! happy they whose hearts can break And peace of pardon win! How else may men make straight his plan and cleanse his soul from Sin? How else but through a broken heart May Lord Christ enter in?

-Excerpts from the poem "The Ballad of Reading Gaol" by Oscar Wilde.

*listening to "good woman" by cat power.

Monday, March 22, 2010


Catherine Malandrino decided to go tribal this season. in other words: "you could get the feeling that you were on a sunday afternoon stroll through a tribal costume exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History." her ali baba pants and pom-pom hair are my faves. i wear my hair like that all the time! the looks are very sophisticated. i'd rock this going to a fancy dinner.


the fur jackets do make you look like an eskimo trying to stay warm, but apart from that, the pieces are very wearable. and look at the purse! it's so killer.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


thakoon panichgul. he's a fellow thai from chiang rai. haha...look at me, sounding as if i'm from thailand. i'm just proud that a thai person is doing his thing and well at it too.

thakoon's style is "poised elegance with a hint of playful wit" according to one source. i think that's an exact description. when you see his clothes they are elegant. you'd wear them going out, but they do have something playful about them. like the grey stretch jersey pants or the fur shifts. i'd wear these outfits for a night on the town with my girls.


band of outsiders

this wife/husband duo are into the nature/outdoorsy look, but with tailored details. their pants look like they fit like a dream. not too tight, but not too baggy. perfect for those girls trying to hide their hips. ;) and i adore the fluffy grey gloves! the last outfit: i would totally wear that somewhere. maybe to an indie art gallery showing?


*listening to "lebanese blonde" by thievery corporation.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

return of the hairy cave man...jacket

yesssssssssssss! i finally get to blog about fashion week!

i noticed that the designers were all about the "hairy" look. i don't know what the inspiration was. maybe returning to our roots? haha...

some of them were wild and outrageous. some of them were light and added the right amount of flair to the outfit.

here are a few looks of the hairy jackets.


3.1 phillip lim
band of outsiders
derek lam
helmut lang
vera wang
zac posen

i think i might post separate blogs on band of outsiders and thakoon, cuz i luved their collections so much...

ps- listening to "say yes" by elliott smith.

Friday, March 19, 2010

imagine only images

May 15, 1905.

"Imagine a world in which there is no time. Only images."

"A child at the seashore, spellbound by her first glimpse of the ocean. A woman standing on a balcony at dawn, her hair down, her loose sleeping silks, her bare feet, her lips. The curved arch of the arcade near the Zahringer Fountain on Kramgasse, sandstone and iron...

Footprints in snow on a winter island. A soft rain on a spring day, on a walk that is the last walk a young man will take in the place that he loves... A tower of prayer, tall and octagonal, open balcony, solemn, surrounded by arms...

Two friends in a cafe, the lamplight illuminating one friend's face, the other in shadow... A worn book lying on a table beside a dim lamp. The white of water as a wave breaks, blown by wind... The red at sunset. An eggshell, white, fragile, unbroken...

Red hair of a lover, wild, mischievious, promising. The purple petals of an iris, held by a young woman... The first kiss. Planets caught in space, oceans, silence."

a day at the beach.
driftwood fort.
beachside homes.
i used to collect rocks. not anymore. i want to collect scrimshaw. but it's hard to get. do you know what that is?
i used to think that actual seaworms created these squiggle mounds of sand.
another creative, quite detailed driftwood fort.
i decided to pitch myself here with some reading and writing.
some high school boys playing golf.
kiddies in t-shirts. it wasn't that warm! 15 degrees. still chilly.

-Einstein's Dreams by: Alan Lightman.