Sunday, February 28, 2010

spring fashion must-haves

oh goodie! it's almost spring na! (not that it matters for me being in the sweltering heat). BUT i am excited that when i do go back home, i won't have to put on multiple layers and have weather shock.

so here's some FUN FUN new items that the girls will luv for spring. sorry guys, this is the girl's blog for today. but maybe i'll try and make one for the guys. i do like mens' fashion too.


i have a thing for nerdy glasses. i think they are really chic and always make you look smart. ie. burberry.


oh yes! the return of lipstick. embrace it! enough with the lip gloss. something that has oomph on the pucker.


feathers, trinkets, anything dangly with a tribal/indian feel on a necklace.


this makes me want to say mmmmmmmmmm... a thin, soft, pastel cashmere or cotton scarf.


i know some of you aren't too "wild" about the fringe or cowboy looks. but for those who are, this is perfect for taking out day or night.


and so for the "non-wild" ones, here's a simple, easy-to-wear-with-anything celine bag. (i do like this one too. so i guess i'm "wild" and "non-wild.")


oh my! as soon as i find a black leather crop top like 3.1 phillip lim's, i'm wearing it immediately!


the closed-toe stiletto mule. your foot can still breathe when the weather gets warmer. worn with bell-bottom jeans or floral dresses.


of course you need the essential maxi dress for quick on-the-go style. especially if you don't know if you're going out that night. a soft jersey cotton material is more preferable.


oh you wild ones out there! it's your lucky season. because tie-tye is still in. wear this with nude stockings and black boots. or just the boots if it's warm out.


what is this you ask? well none other than rodarte's silk and linen dress. i'm not even sure how you put it on. but the colours and the soft material looks so enjoyable to wear. if this isn't too bulky, i'd wear it around my neck as a scarf.


oxfords. never got interested in them, til this season. and t'is the season to be jolly about wearing them, because they are the essential to dressy or non-dressy outfits. AND your back won't break.


the cute backless sailor/school dress. i luv.



everything all white. everything. a look at what an all-white outfit could look like this season.

some of these items are my ideas and some are's ideas. so pick and choose what works for you and what doesn't. i guarantee you though that i'll try everything. that's the point of fashion, isn't it? to experiment and have fun? nothing's ever serious.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

visiting hours

i luv it when people come to visit me! yay! (no pressure to everyone. haha...i'm leaving soon anyway). had another friend come to visit me in town. i like playing hostess, taking people around and showing them the sights and ESPESH speaking thai so we can get around.

that's one thing i'm proud of: i can speak a little thai.

japanese icecream sandwiches. all flavours. interesting texture.

central world mall. huge outdoor walkway.

soi 38 stall food. phad thai, green curry, chicken coconut soup and som tam salad. mmmmm...

we found this guy with a portable stall filled with cowboy stuff: rope, suede, leather. and he wasn't even a cowboy!

he was very happy. 5 baht icecream to cool you off.

on the busy BTS. so crowded at night.

pla dip. it means raw fish in thai. my favourite restaurant ever.

i like guys that wear pink.


Friday, February 26, 2010

bye bye birdie

tash's musical play is this week. she's the lead in her high school musical. grade 12. i'm sooo proud of her. i was talking to dave about her and how i'm regretably missing her week long performance. my heart aches. i want to be there to support her. i'm sorry tash!

anyway, i'm getting dad to videotape her so i can watch her. this is such a big thing! she has such a beautiful opera voice and i hope she might get noticed this week by some prominent voice teacher or director in vancouver. wouldn't that be amazing?

i went to youtube to see if i could find some songs from bye bye birdie, the musical. and i was successful.


"how lovely to be a woman"

"one boy"

no doubt we'll be seeing her soon in future vancouver musicals and plays. i can't wait to say: "that's my sister!"

Thursday, February 25, 2010


"There is no desire so deep as the simple desire for companionship."

-Graham Greene.

thank you friends! you have made me a happier person.
luv u guys! xoxo.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

einstein's dreams

April 24, 1905.

"In this world, there are 2 times. There is mechanical time and there is body time. The first is as rigid and metallic as a massive pendulum of iron that swings back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. The second squirms and wriggles like a bluefish in a bay. The first is unyielding, predetermined. The second makes up its mind as it goes along."

"Many are convinced that mechanical time does not exist... instead they listen to their heartbeats. They feel the rhythm of their moods and desires. Such people eat when they are hungry, go to their jobs at the millinery or the chemist's whenever they wake from their sleep, make love all hours of the day. Such people laugh at the thought of mechanical time."

"Then there are those who think their bodies don't exist. They rise at seven o'clock in the morning. They eat their lunch at noon and their supper at six... They make love between eight and ten at night. They work forty hours a week, read the sunday newspaper on sunday, play chess on tuesday nights... In short, the body is a machine, subject to the same laws of electricity and mechanics as an electron or clock."

"Where the two times meet, desperation. Where the two times go their separate ways, contentment. For, miraculously, a barrister, a nurse, a baker can make a world in either time, but not in both times."

"Each time is true, but the truths are not the same."


-Einstein's Dreams by: Alan Lightman.

photo credit: Annie Leibovitz and Werner Herzog.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

JJ market

Chatuchak weekend market, also known as simply JJ market.

we took a little trip there. the weekends are always fun. we look forward to shopping at the markets or chilling at the parks. i didn't take any detailed pics though. all you see is an outside glimpse of the market, no inside look-sees. again, mariko took the more detailed pics. she's more the photographer than i am.

the market has everything from used converses to clothes to car parts to art to animals to couches to jewelry to cowboy boots to lamps to handmade crafts. whatever you can imagine it's more than likely found there.

light accessories. i snagged a line last year, dangling on my mirror at home.

i luv this lady listening to her radio while she waits for customers.

the covered tents. hot and sweaty, but still a cooler alternative than to walking around outside.

hey ya!

you need an umbrella when you walk around outside.

spicy som tam salad. mmmmmm...

i like going there to try and find the little treasures that might be past by. i might have one more weekend, so i'll try to make it there one last time. and afterward, i'll go next door to the chatuchak park and lie down on the grass and relax from a crowded day at the market.

Monday, February 22, 2010

chao phraya touring

mariko and i went touring to see the temples last monday. (i can't believe it's been a week na?!) the BTS (skytrain) system is amazinggg! it took us about 25-30 min. to get to the chao phraya river which would probs take an hour by cab. the chao phraya is welcoming, kind of takes you away from the city, although it is in the city. and a lot of the major hotels have nice waterfronts there. mandarin oriental has a good view.

it was a perfectly hot and sweaty day. we got off at one of the major stops and saw the reclining buddha among others. they also have a stop where it connects you to chinatown. how convenient.

the world's longest word ever. try saying this 5 times quickly!

one of the famous temples i wasn't able to visit. but the architecture is exquisite!

the surrounding walls of the wat pho temple.

the huge double doors to the wat pho temple. look at how packed it is. on a monday.

why, thank you kind sir! dad, look at the sculptured trees. you would luv it.

the reclining buddha himself.

the buddha's beautiful, mother of pearl feet.

look at the drawings and paintings. so much detail, so much time!

careful, he's dangerous.

i could have stood there all day admiring the colors and architecture of stones and shells.

we only toured for like 2 hrs, but we were exhausted after that. sweat and sun sure gets u down. mariko took some cool picchas. i'll hafta steal them off of her.

(ps- mariko i miss you!)