Sunday, January 31, 2010

feliz cumpleanos a ti

feliz cumpleanos a ti.
feliz cumpleanos a ti.
feliz cumpleanos querida tatalie!


twins for life!

luv u. xoxo.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

frida kahlo

frida kahlo and diego rivera. they met when she was still a student and he was an established painter.

she admired his work and submitted her work to him to ask him if she had what it took to become a painter like him.

not only did rivera admire her paintings, but he admired her as well. and so, being the ladies' man that he was, she fell in love with him. they married.

they had a tumultuous relationship. he cheated on her with many model subjects. in return, she cheated on him with his subjects, with men and women. there was a struggle between both of them to be the bread winner.

their relationship fell apart when kahlo caught rivera cheating on her with her sister.

they separated and divorced. but in the end, before kahlo died, they remarried, because they realized they couldn't live without each other.

"you have been my comrade and my best friend, but you have never been my husband."
-Kahlo to Rivera.

Friday, January 29, 2010

chiang mai

is one of the places i want to visit in thailand. CHIANG MAI. it sounds so exotic too rite?

i was planning on visiting this coming weekend, but my plans changed. plans always change here, whether last minute or the week before. and like other asian countries, they are always late! so sorry mom, but i've fit in really well here. i'm usually late too...

so what is so cool about chiang mai?

well first of all, ever since i read a magazine that talked about 'The Small' hotel... "sheltered by distant mountains with panoramic views of the Chiang Mai countryside, monastic tranquility pervades The Small Hotel resulting in a unique ambience- the ultimate retreat..." i've wanted to go.

second, i wanted to do some elephant trekking. the second time i've been here and i haven't visited the elephants na! there is a special center where they have elephants watched over and kept safe, cuz of hunting. so i'd like to see that.

third, there is a small haven of art shops, boutique galleries, cafes, coffee shops. how nice would that be to window shop and chill with a coffee in your hand?

ohhhhhhhh...and the markets! man, i luv the markets. don't you think it's fun walking around, smelling the spices, looking at the handmade crafts and listening to the buzz of the thai language around you? I DO.

oh-la-la! and look at this! how would you NOT want to see this in person and right at dusk before the sun goes down? enchanting!

have i not convinced you yet to go visit there? i'm soo disappointed i won't be able to make it. this is making me regret my short amount of time left here.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010


just got back from a fantastic dinner at mia's. thank you mia for the swedish meatballs and that heavy lard-filled, millky, creamy, cheesy cauliflower sauce on top of the spaghetti. arroyyyyy!!!! and you're welcome for the feta cheese and vegetable salad. :)

VOGUE LIVING. one of the many picture books that i must own. this is truly inspirational. i luv styling, so i can appreciate the interior decorating when i flip through the pictures. sigh...i get so happy when i see amazing creative style right there in front of me. i can feel it immanent within me. and the configuration and the social decorum in these people's homes are extraordinary.

this picture makes me sooo happy, cuz i luv books. and if i'm surrounded by books, i'm in heaven.
this is home for me. :)

and now for the VOGUE LIVING pics:

this totally reminds me of a california home. maybe somewhere out on the ranch. or any westcoast home along the beach. note the chandelier and the wrought iron details.

wow. a new take on black and white. not literally, but the colours are. who said pictures have to be perfect and parallel and the same size, side by side? well whoever it was, they were wrong. i like that gold coral object on the table.

very modern. white on white. a little too clean and white for me. but i can appreciate the attention to detail with the white settee in the center, the 2 lamps on either side of the fireplace, and even the 2 dark mini tables on either side of the 2 couches. do i detect a couples home perhaps?

mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...this would defs be one of my rooms in my future home someday. this depicts an old antique, vintage style look. reminds me of beauty and the beast's castle! that gold mirror is gorgeous!

and another beauty and the beast castle, but this one is more wood oriented with leather texture. this mirror is awesome too, cuz it makes the room look double the size.


Monday, January 25, 2010

he's just NOT that into you

while i chomp on carrots and cherry tomatoes and heal from my wakeboarding day...

the humour post of the day-  '10 things to note that he's just NOT that into you':

1. he asks you to do his laundry for you.
2. he prefers to go to the spa and get a manicure and pedicure done.
3. he asks you if you want to go see the icicles at the north pole.
4. he pretends to be hurt from playing badminton.
5. he decides to join the military.
6. he's more interested in playing bejeweled on his iphone than in you and your hazelnut soy latte.
7. he tells you that he is allergic to homebaked lasagna.
8. he has to spend all day shopping for the perfect hair dye colour with his mother.
9. he has to go to crochet class with his gramma.
10. he says that he's going to a celine dion concert.

thanks mikey, for participating in being my uninterested guy

don't ask me how i came up with those ideas! haha...

ps- i bought ant spray! yesss...i'm gonna kill those little buggers!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

you take your car to work, i'll take my board

a group of us went wakeboarding at the thai wakepark yesterday. (that's the name of the park, original eh?)

i had the day free. so we went at 11am and stayed til 6:30pm when it got dark. what a fun and exhausting day! my first time wakeboarding was last year at camsur in the philippines. the wakepark in the philippines is the top place in the world. i forgot how much of a strain it is on my body!

ilya's back

the scary corner

i forgot how scary it is going around corners and trying not to wipe out. it's very tense. turning the last corner of the park is the scariest, cuz it whips you.

aaron, shaka to your momma

i caught the guy jumping off the ramp

he landed the trick

i am soooo soooo sore na! :( but it's a feel good type of sore. the type of sore that you're proud of. cuz you worked yourself out and now can kick back and rest for the evening.

sunset at the park

the line-up

phil, the rayban wearer

now i'm going to go get a massage. i can barely pull up my pants, cuz of my arms! haha...
until next time...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

i like for you to be still

I like for you to be still. It is as though you are absent. And you hear me from far away. And my voice does not touch you. It seems as though your eyes had flown away.

And it seems that a kiss had sealed your mouth. As all things are filled with my soul. You emerge from the things.

Filled with my soul. You are like my soul. A butterfly of dream. And you are like the word: Melancholy.

I like for you to be still. It is as though you are absent. Distant and full of sorrow. So you would've died. One word then, One smile is enough. And I'm happy; Happy that it's not true.

-clip of "i like for you to be still" poem by Pablo Neruda.

ps- i'm so intrigued lately by kate moss and johnny depp's ex-relationship. i found pics of them back in the day together. they were actually quite a lovely couple. i thought so.

photo credit:
1. Annie Leibovitz
2. Annie Leibovitz
5. Tiffany May (my BFF photographer)
6. Ben Kwan

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

french town

quite an interesting country. they speak english, which is a bonus! i think thailand must be the only asian country that doesn't speak english! most of cambodia, from what i saw, is rural. even siem reap and phnom penh, major cities, are built right in the countryside. you can't walk anywhere unless you're in the city, cuz it's all countryside. they have red dirt and many roosters crowing at 4pm (a little late with the crowing buddy). that's what i noticed in siem reap.

siem reap is known for the angkor wat, a cluster of temples made out of stone. unfortunately, i wasn't able to visit it, cuz i had limited time there. just a visa run.

biking is hugely popular there. if you wanna get anywhere, you either bike or take a tuk tuk. my tuk tuk was stylin. giraffe pattern. COOL!

i stayed in phnom penh for 2 days. i met up with my friend jen and we went to a cute place called "the shop cafe" for french toast. ($3) they have a french influence from when they were colonized back in the day. i didn't know that, until i saw baguettes and cheese and croissants and a ton of french restaurants.


then we went to the russian market where everything was handmade and handcrafts by the khmers (cambodian people).

look at those hunks of meat! tasty eh?

also, phnom penh has a "riverside" and a "lakeside." the riverside has lots of restaurants and bars and shops and a boardwalk. kind of the trendy part of town. and the lakeside is similar, with lots of restaurants, but some of them are literally on the water. i spent a half hour on the riverside snapping shots of the boardwalk and the king's palace, before heading to the thai embassy to pick up my visa. (i learned that if i wanted my visa in one day, all i have to do is bribe them with $10 and then i'm good. also, thailand is having a "promotion" and my visa was free!)

OH MY GOODNESS! and the khmers traditional food, fish amok, is heavenly!!! it's a fillet fish mixed with coconut curry and spices and then wrapped in a banana leaf. it melts in your mouth cuz it's so tender.

riverside night life at nite.

i arrived safe and sound sunday morning in bkk. i liked the country. nice people. but still, it would have been more fun and safe if i was with another person.

ps- my stomach hurts. i think it's from food poisoning. my friends made a german breakfast and i guess my tummy reacted badly to it. i usually have a strong stomach, (i eat at the food stalls all the time) but this time, not very much.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

surprise cambodia trip

ok, so man. this week has been sort of stressful.

fine, maybe it is sort of my fault. because i have left figuring out my visa renewal to the last minute. i did plan to go this weekend, but then i realized that the canadian embassy is closed in cambodia on the weekends. so i have to go on a weekday. my original plan was to go for 2 days, cuz it takes a day and a half to process my 60 day visa renewal.

but getting to cambodia, more specifically, phnom penh is sort of  crazy. i have to take a bus from bkk to aranyaprathet, right before the cambodia border. (4hrs). then take another mode of transportation to siemp reap. (2 hrs) and then go to phnom penh where the embassy is. (5 hrs). it's gonna be another long day. (and i thought i was done with long trips!)

and i'm sort of upset cuz i will be missing 4 days instead of 2. 3 days of which will be castings i'm missing.

hoyyyyyy!!!!!! so please pray for me and wish me luck on this new journey of mine!
will share with you all about it on monday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

love profusion

"There are too many questions.There is not one solution.There is no resurrection.There is so much confusion.

And the love profusion.You make me feel.You make me know.And the love vibration.You make me feel.You make it shine.

There are too many options.There is no consolation.I have lost my illusions.What I want is an explanation.

And the love profusion.You make me feel.You make me know.And the love direction.You make me feel.You make me shine.You make me feel.You make me shine.You make me feel.

I got you under my skin.

I got you under my skin.

I got you under my skin.

I got you under my skin.

There is no comprehension.There is real isolation.There is so much destruction.What I want is a celebration.

And I know I can feel bad.When I get in a bad mood.And the world can look so sad.Only you make me feel good.

I got you under my skin.

I got you under my skin.

I got you under my skin.

I got you under my skin.

And the love profusion.You make me feel.You make me know.And the love intention.You make me feel.You make me shine.You make me feel.You make me shine.You make me feel.

I got you under my skin.

I got you under my skin.

I got you under my skin.

I got you under my skin.

And I know I can feel bad.When I get in a bad mood. And the world can look so sad. Only you make me feel good."

i was having a downer day. not keeping in contact with friends makes me sad. so, i'm sorry if i haven't been keeping in touch that well. especially, my close friends. you know who you are. i was speaking to a friend on skype and i felt that i didn't even know the person anymore. we had nothing to say to each other. it broke my heart. please guys! let's stay in touch! i don't want us to fall apart ever. let's be friends forever, ok?! :)

this song makes me so happy. it touches my heart and soul.
i luv it when i sing it. i want to replay it over and over.

By: Madonna, but Regina Spektor's version is better. (i actually heard Regina's version, before Madonna's).
photo credit: Annie Leibovitz.

Monday, January 11, 2010

"breezy and legit"

that's probs one of the nicest compliments i've received from a friend before. (i've gotten similar ones like that, but i don't like to talk about that. i'm shy. :))

so i guess when he says that i'm "breezy and legit," it means that i'm carefree and open to the possibilities. which is true. i do like that randomness and spontaneity that can happen at any moment. i think that's what keeps my life interesting. being down to do whatever comes up. (well, almost anything).

and "legit?" i'm more of a person who tells the truth and is honest. i hate being dishonest to people and if i am, i avoid the conflict altogether. i am who i am. when i make promises, i keep them. when i say i'll do something, i will. when i say i'll call, i will. no compromising. i stay true to myself and God. what i believe is immanent. (that's not to say i'm perfect. i make mistakes like any other person, of course).

but i'm really happy to be me. :)