Wednesday, December 8, 2010

easy riders

fall wardrobe for me.

i know you might agree with
me or instead say
"nik what's up with all the fur?"
but i ADORE this. 

everything from the hats, to the belts,
to the purses, to the jeans, to the turquoise,
make me swoon with desire.

i was getting ready for the opera
with tiffany sat. night and
i realized that i'll never
be a minimalist
like her.

i added all my jewelry and accessories
while she stuck to the bare minimum.
i'll always be a maximalist. haha...

ph: US elle nov. 2010

4th pic has my favourite outfits.
last pic you can see zac posen's infamous
fur coat peeking out from the top.

you'll see me wearing these
wardrobe pieces over the fall/winter.
maybe minus the sunglasses...

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