Wednesday, October 20, 2010

spend an evening with bulgari

ph: bulgari fall 2010

doesn't julianne moore look luscious here? really.
she looks so lovely and for her age too.

lately, i've had a fascination with bulgari.
i've always loved their jewelry.
unfortunately, it's way beyond my price level.

but i also luv their campaigns.
they make it wild, different and captivating.

how lucky is julianne to be caressing baby lion cubs?


ph: bulgari spring 2010

julianne again with cockatoos.
and the emerald earrings
and snake bracelets are to die for.

i bought this book called

and they describe one of bulgari's most innovative
and prized perfumes.

it's called BLACK.

"a big, solid, sweet amber note; a muted fifties Je Reviens
floral note; and finally a bitter-powdery, fresh rubber accord.
at different times, BLACK will strike you variously as a
battle hymn for Amazons, emerald green plush fit for
Napoleon's box at the Opera,
or just plain sweet and smiling.
some things strive to be classics;
others simply are."

-given a 5 star.

doesn't this quote make you wanna go and smell it now?
i do.
and it's a unisex perfume.
so GUYS check it out too!

ps- i'm beginning to see a pattern of brocade and velvet everywhere
for fall. perhaps that will be something i will be buying
for my next opera outing.

YES, you heard it!
i was invited by the Vancouver Opera to blog for the whole season!
you have no idea how ecstatic i am!

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  1. Me too! I got invited back as well! So I'll see you at Lucia di Lammermoor . . .


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