Monday, October 11, 2010

ron sexsmith

i saw a documentary about this musician saturday nite. it was shown for the VIFF. i've heard a couple of sexsmith's songs, but never really knew who he is. after this film i am a huge supporter of his music.

his life and music have been a huge struggle. i felt for him, laughed with him and cried with him during the film. for someone with music as beautiful as his i'm surprised that he's not doing as well as he hopes to be.

some of you will know ron sexsmith from 2 songs that feist sings: brandy alexander and secret heart. (brandy alexander is my absolute fave! i was surprised to hear that he originally wrote it.) he has very melancholy music. soft and warm to the touch. acoustic and always heartfelt.

how do i describe him? i'm not good at describing. just listen...

the film is called "Love Shines." keep your eyes on the lookout for it. you may be able to youtube it too.

ps- happy thanksgiving!
pps- 4 movies down, 1 more to go...


  1. I love this song he did with Chris Martin! check it out

  2. of course you would only hear about sexsmith through chris martin! haha... ;)


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