Monday, October 18, 2010

post post opera

so now the opera is done. sadly. sigh...

well, i did find a dress. at the LAST MINUTE!!! and i was planning everything a month in advance, couldn't find anything. and then the last week approached, still nothing... and then i went into H&M, found some dresses, took them home and picked one outta the pile. i ended up buying the cheapest one. i went to holts, zara,  and gastown to look for a dress, nothing. sometimes H&M will just help ya out if you need it... my blue silk crepe overtop is from urban outfitters, my fur is from aldo, my heels are from zara, my clutch is vintage. SO I FINALLY PUT MY ENSEMBLE TOGETHER.

before the opera we went to chambar restaurant. luv that place. belgian ale, homemade, and moules frites! my favourite. we tried GRILLED OSTRICH for the first time and it wasn't bad! i mean it was very good! i liked it. :) tastes a bit barbecued like tender beef.

we arrived at the opera at 7:15pm and i blogged for a few min on the pre-opera part. and we had one of the best seats in the house (thank you vancouver opera!). it was interesting to hear an opera sung in english (opposed to italian or something) and also have some part of it based in vancouver! so modern day.

all the singers were great. they sung to the top of their game. the highest highs and the lowest lows. judith forst is an older woman with a voice as strong as a young woman's. her character, irene's, story is achingly told through her eyes. and frederique vezina is a young woman from montreal. she gave me chills with her high on pitch voice. aaron st. clair nicholson did a wonderful job as scotty. he was believable and touching. and irene's son, jimmy, played by roger honeywell, was a good counterpart to irene. a loud and barreling voice.

then came intermission. during the show there would be things i wanted to remember so i would write them down in the dark. my notes were all over the page when the lights went up. haha... intermission was so quick. 20 min or so. i was frantically trying to write everything in my blog before the 3 min call.

at the end of the opera the audience gave a standing ovation. i think everybody was touched by the canadian opera. we had an opera we could call OUR OWN. no one stopped clapping until the curtain went down. so that must have been after 5 bows. i'm sure everybody was proud.

we were invited to the afterparty on stage. so i quickly blogged post opera and then joined the festivities on the stage. i had the privilege of meeting frederique vezina, the lead soprano. she was sweet and kindly talked to us. she also talked to my sister who takes musical theatre at capilano university and gave input from her singing background. i also wanted to meet the wardrobe designer and a man kindly pointed her out to me. we lost sight of her later on and only until we were about to leave did i spot her and quickly grab her. sue, i don't know her last name. i was interested in her ideas and inspirations. a little bit from the thrift store, a little bit handmade and fixed up. a little bit from online. she was so nice and outgoing and freely spoke about her part in the opera.

what a FANTASTIC NIGHT! i was looking forward to this moment for the past month and a half. oh wells. at least i have the next opera to look forward to.

ps- remember i mentioned my sister sings classical/opera music? she's good too. :)
check her out at her blog:


  1. Your outfit was way too cute -- as was your sister's! Now that I see your pictures of the after-party and hear of your conversations with Sue LePage and Fréderique Vézina, I'm wishing we'd stayed at the after-party longer.
    It was fun to meet both you and your sister -- perhaps we'll see you again at future operas.

  2. Hi Nik,

    Thanks for joining us for the Lillian Alling Blogger Night at the Opera! It was wonderful to meet you and your sister! You guys looked great in your outfits. Look forward to seeing you again at Lucia.

    Here's the blog post of Blogger Night:




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