Saturday, October 16, 2010

post opera

so did y'all recognize stanley park?
it looks exactly as it does in english bay. well to me it does!
the backdrops are wonderful. so captivating. 

and the suspension bridge! what a cool idea! i felt like i was in an indiana jones movies! or have you been to disneyland and rode the "indiana jones adventure" ride? that was fun. reminds me of that. :)

so lillian alling! you have so many surprises for us, don't you?! it just keeps getting better and better. 

all you who have not seen the opera yet, you will be astonished. i like surprises though. save the best for last...

the best end quote:

"i never look back."

ps- thank you so much to the vancouver opera for having me
as a blogger. i am honoured. 
and thank you to ling chan for finding me 
in the blogger abyss. 
i would luv to do this again!

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