Saturday, October 16, 2010

opera start

so this is the pre notes of the opera. this is going to be good. well, i want to say amazing, but i'll say all of this at the end. i saw the sets and the different displays in the background and it's extraordinary. so much detail. the dusk, the mountains. i luv nature. i luv sunsets especially.

when i walked in it was packed. so many beautiful people dressed to the nines! it's always fun to see what everyone is wearing and who came out and oh, do i recognize anyone? (i just looked right now, NO, i do not recognize anyone yet... haha...)

ok, last minute call. i did not get to see backstage unfortunately, but perhaps later? maybe please? i have 5 min. i wanna blog more.

ok, i will at intermission. 3 more minutes! i feel like i'm in a spaceship or an airplane...gotta go!

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