Friday, October 15, 2010

it's finished!

yah unfortunately the VIFF is almost done. for me it is. i have no more time to see any more films. at least i got to see 5 that i wanted to see...

the last film i saw was called "when we leave." it is a touching, gut-wrenching film on a turkish family. it allows the viewer to come in and experience what it's like to live in turkey with  family. it shows where people's loyalty lies and backstabbing occurs. it was so moving. so touching. i felt right there with the girl, the narrator. of course this film should not be taken as the character in all turkish families! it was interesting nonetheless.

i cried three times. like totally heart-jerking cries. no wonder it has an award from the tribeca 2010 film fest. the best movie i've seen by far at the VIFF. (is it safe to say maybe in my lifetime?)

sad that VIFF has come to a close. but at least, i have next year to look forward to!!!

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