Wednesday, October 27, 2010

hug me, furry bear

time for warm, furry hugs!
feeling luxuriant in cozy coats,
sasquatch suits, and boots 
during winter.

i might look like an eskimo,
but i'd rather that
than be a frozen icicle.

chai mai?!

ph: burberry prorsum fall 2010

ph: michael kors fall 2010

ph: chanel fall 2010


  1. Omg Nicole. LOVE your blog!! I've been reading it since you told me about it.

    Loooove the chanel. I'm so glad you post about fashion, too- I follow quite a few fashion blogs!!

  2. aww really? koo! i didn't know u followed fashion blogs. well i'll send u some blogs i follow.

    did u like how i said some thai in the end? haha.

    ps- i luv u visiting me.

  3. ahhh! whoops! wrong koko haha! what's the chances that i know 2 kokos? :)))

    koko. i'm glad you've been visiting my blog! anyway i will send you some more blogs your way.


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