Tuesday, September 28, 2010

white rugs

i want a white rug for my room. i luv decorating my room with many things. the problem is that: "many things." haha...i don't wanna go overboard. cuz then it'll be clutter.

i was in the thrift store today and almost bought an ethnic pink and blue and white woven rug. i luved it. BUT my mom said "would that match your room?" and then i thought ok, not realllyyyyy. but it's so prettyyyyy.

i do want a white sheep's rug though. that will defs match my room. ikea has one for $40. maybe i'll get one.

oh yah! and i do wanna buy a coupla pillows to place
on other side of my couch.
i luv pillows too.

suggestions anyone?

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