Friday, September 17, 2010

i know victoria's secret

hello there.
so it took me awhile to get
some guts and post this.

i like to post all my photo shoots,
so why not this one? well...

i don't really like to do underwear shoots,
but i needed to diversify my portfolio.
so... i decided to collaborate with kim akrigg
and style the shoot myself.

we had fun.
i like styling.

ps- i was in the chinese mall today eating wonton soup and sipping on bubble tea.
and this woman came up to me and started speaking mandarin to me.
she wanted to know if she could sit down next to me. i said yes.
i luv that she thought i was chinese or something. :)


  1. Honey, I have a girl crush on you! hehe you look amazing x i think these are my most fave photos in your book to date x

  2. heehee! thanks lovely! yes, these are defs one of my fave photo shoots in my book now. :)


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