Sunday, August 1, 2010

take a trip the desert! everybody, ok well not everybody, but MOST people don't wanna go to a desert for vacation. most wanna go somewhere tropical or hot, but a desert i don't mind. i like the heat.

my parents bought a little mobile home in palm springs this year. i haven't been to visit yet, cuz i was in bangkok when they were there. in the summer no one goes to palm springs cuz it's 40 degrees plus. (i would still go if i could!)

if i had the time and money, i was discussing with marie that i'd luv to do a roadtrip down there this summer. don't think it will pan out. too bad.

some inspirations for our hopeful trip:

luv the banana leaf chair and sheer curtains


blumarine spring 2010
note: wear flats

the virgin suicides
reading. i won't ever get over how much i luv reading.

pool parties

holga camera
picture taking


ph: bibastar
watching the sunset

marie suggested that this would be the perfect road trip song:

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